DIY Labels ~ Chalkboard Labels for the Pantry!

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UPDATE!  Many of you have requested the brand of air tight canisters I use.  Here is a link to them on Amazon!  They also qualify for free shipping… Whoop!  I use all 3 sizes!

Hey hey guys!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

I really appreciate all of your shares and pins on my printable banner letters!  I will be sharing even more later on this week!

Today I am sharing a quick tutorial on how I made my labels for my pantry makeover.  These are so simple, and now I am fighting the urge to make labels for the entire house ;-)!

I have 2 types of chalkboard labels.  The labels I am sharing today turned out like this…

These are super simple!  It’s all about finding the supplies.  I found everything on Amazon… I sort of LOVE Amazon.

I knew I wanted to have the look of a chalkboard, so I decided to use Chalkboard Contact Paper.  Here is the paper I bought from Amazon…

I wanted them to have a cute shape so I found this paper punch on Amazon as well… (You can also find this at a craft store and use a coupon if you prefer!)

Now the key is the ‘chalk’!  With 5 kiddos, chalk isn’t used much around here.  As soon as I write something cute, I have little fingers that like to wipe it all off.  So… I was so excited to find this wet-erase chalk pen!  Not only were my words much easier to write, the kids can’t mess them up near as easily!  Woohoo!  To erase it, you just get a damp paper towel or cloth and it wipes right off… LOVE.

That’s all you need to label pretty much your entire life.  I did all the labels you see in the picture, and didn’t use hardly any of the paper roll.

Here is the punch…

I made a whole bunch just by pushing it down… So easy!

I used my pen to label them…

Then, I just peeled the back off and stuck them on all of my containers!  Easy peasy!

How cute are those?? And I love that I have all the supplies handy to make more whenever I need them!

Hope you like them as much as I do!

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Let me know if you have any questions at all and have a great week!



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  • Jessica G Buchanan

    Was there ever a blog made about your containers you use ?

  • Dana Travis

    What is the name of these containers?

  • Namrata Arora

    Lovely organization !! Can you please share where did you buy these transparent containers with white lid? Are these airtight?

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  • Deevums

    I am all about organizing, and it looks great, but my gosh how much time do you spend taking everything out of the containers you bought the food in and putting them into your own? It just seems like a waste of precious time to me!

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  • Betty819

    I love the way that wet-erase chalk pen looks on the chalkboard labels. Wonder if A.C. Moore or Michael’s has that type of pen?

    We have pull out drawers in our pantry and I think they are wasted space. I think I’d rather have the type of pantry you have, you can see what all is on the shelves. The kitchen renovation was done by previous owners..It has two corner cabinets that I consider wasted space but I can’t afford to remodel the kitchen. We replaced the old laminate countertop since moving here 9 years ago with Quartz and love it. but can’t afford to go through another remodeling project financially.

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  • Sgrady

    Can you tell me if the containers in he back row are stacked on something or is it simply that they are the next size up? I’d appreciate details on this as I’m getting ready to organize my pantry, you’ve inspired me!

  • Alicia Webb

    I am going to make these for my daughters wedding for mason jars. I saw on pintrest you can emboss them. Do you know how to emboss the labels?

  • Maggie Zerhusen

    What brand are the flip top food storage containers that you bought? I did not find them on Also how many ounces does each container hold? I would love to make sure full bags of food could fit.

  • Laura DuMar Eyhorn

    Are the snapware containers airtight? Do the help against pantry moths?? Or do you even know? We have had problems with pantry moths, and believe me, it is not a problem I want to have again!

    • diane

      The moths hate Bay leaves sprinkle them around your pantry.

  • Padma

    Woow, your pantry is beautiful! I am working on organizing mine. I got all the supplies and found that peeling the labels was really difficult. I have never used vinyl or shelf liners. Is there a trick to it?

  • Seana Turner

    So, I sort of LOVE Amazon too:) I’ve never heard of chalkboard contact paper, although it is brilliant. And the “chalk” is definitely the key because it can be kind of messy to use regular chalk. Sure makes for a pretty pantry. I pinned it to my kitchen organizing board!

  • Jenni

    How did you figure out how many cannisters of each type you would need? I am trying to calculate how much it will cost me to copy you :).

  • Ashley Elizabeth

    Where do you get the clear ones with the handle? Above the air tight ones.

  • Laura Thibeault

    How much did all the containers cost you?

  • I just bought all the label making supplies you suggest with my Mother’s Day Amazon gift card–can’t wait to get them and get started labeling!

  • Hi! Sooo coool! Where did you get the clear jars for all your food?

  • was wondering if i could use Chalkboard Vinyl paper instead???

  • disqus_q64pV7WhK4

    Great ideas! When you wash the containers how do the labels hold up?

  • Thanks for the awesome idea! I just ordered my supplies. Can’t wait to make my labels!

  • Dana

    LOVE all your organization tips. Do you remember where you got the plastic baskets with the handle? The ones holding your peanut butter etc?

  • Angela

    Your pantry looks amazing! One thing I would add is putting expiration dates on the labels for those things that are no longer in their original packaging. While many things get eaten quickly, I do end up with some things that expire. Maybe better visibility of items might help me eliminate that problem! Thanks for sharing.

  • Great pantry! I have a few those flip-top containers, but they were a bit pricey, so I also got some screw top ones (almost the same body) that contained salsa first. (Bought from Smart & Final.)

  • Caroline Fay

    I love this! It is great! I can’t wait to get started on it. Thanks this is going to be very useful for me. Just a wonderful idea.

  • gwennie

    i haven’t been very pleased when i’ve used chalkboard paint, this paper might just be the solution!

  • Cynthia Taylor

    WOW! Thanks for the post! I had no idea about the chalk or adhesive calk board.. Great ideas.

  • Just a question about the canned food storage bins. I’ve seen a lot that are OK, but I like the ones that you used better. Where did you find them at?

  • I have looked on both and bed bath and beyond and I can’t find the can organizer you are using, its driving me crazy, PLEASE HELP!!!! thank you

    • diane

      she made it!

  • I found you via google search and boy am I glad I did! What a *TERRIFIC* idea! I LOVE how organized your pantry is! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  • I love the way this looks! where did you find the containers?

  • Lauren Fenimore

    I love this idea and have been wanting to do something like this with my own pantry. Are all your plastic containers the same size and raised on a platform in the back row or are the ones in back a larger, taller size? My pantry shelves are rather deep and cans and boxes are always getting lost and forgotten in the back!

    • I’d like to know as well. But love the idea of putting a platform (out of a plain painted 2×4 stacked and painted). This way you can just buy all one size.

  • Donna McBroom-Theriot

    I just ordered chalkboard labels and they were a tad expensive. When I saw your idea, I jumped over to Amazon and ordered all three of these. THanks for the great idea!

  • I love, love, love your pantry!

  • I am also very interested on where you got the canned good storage containers. I have been looking for them and can only find the wire ones. If you made them, could you share the pattern?

    • She actually built them. There is a tutorial on her site for it.

  • I am interested in the boxes/containers that you have your canned goods stacked in, where did you find them? They look as if they are made of wood, are they?

    • She built them herself. The tutorial is posted with the instructions 🙂

      • Janice Walker Burnell

        Where? Is there a keyword I can search by?

  • Maria Luisa Mijares

    Excelent!!! where I cant buy this? !!!!!

  • Hello! I would love a punch like the one you used, did you find it on amazon? Was it called bracket? What brand? I have been looking for one like this online and I’ve had some trouble finding it..

  • I am having serious pantry envy right now! It’s beautiful!! Great job and LOVE the chalk board label idea and the pen is genious.

  • I just ordered the chalk board contact paper! Can’t wait to label away! 🙂

  • Erin Shaddick

    This is a great idea! Where did you get your plastic storage containers for your pantry?

    • Carol Lorraine Sells

      I’d like to know where the containers came from too!

  • Sue

    Your chalkboard labels are ingenious–I am totally going to take advantage of your cleverness! And your pantry is so amazing! I would be in there all day long, gazing lovingly at the beauty and organization. *Sigh*

  • Debbie

    Can I come and eat out of your pantry? Yum!
    Great post, looks great!

  • Runt

    Love this!!!

  • Alex Anna-Marie Struble

    how do you keep everything from going stale?!

    • The containers are all air tight, and with a family of 7 our food doesn’t sit on the shelf too long 😉 Not sure if this is what you are referring to, but hope it helps!

  • sarah

    this is fab!! i have a little obsession with chalkboards so i love this….i have used black paper and a white pen but i love your idea with the paper that peels and sticks and a chalkboard pen (which i have from another project). ps..your pantry is beautiful too :0)

    • Thank you Sarah!! It is a bit of an addiction 😉

  • Great, what a lovely idea!

  • DeDe Bailey

    I am in awe over the organization of your pantry! This is sooooo me!

  • Awesome! I’m making some can storage this week b/c I love those too! (BTW, these containers are at Target or Walmart. I recently bought a whole bunch, too, and I’m thinking it was Target.)

    • I did find them at target… They also sell them at Bed, Bath and Beyond where you can use a coupon 😉

  • Where did you get those cute clear containers? They look like the perfect size and shape!

    • Target! But I will be sharing a post soon with info on all my storage goodies! 😉

  • Where did you find your containers?

    • Target! I will be sharing a post soon with info on all my storage containers! 😉

      • Melissa

        I am in the process of organizing my pantry. Using your pantry as inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing. I love it. I’m looking for your ur container info, I purchased a couple dozen of the Snapware airtight container and I already own the stackable bins in your pantry that I bought from The Container Store years ago but I’m wondering where you got the cerebral containers with handles? Also, where you got the bins with handles? My first ever reject, can’t wait to share finished project on Facebook.

        • Melissa

          I do apologize, I found the bins with handles at The Container Store just after posting this. Still can’t find cereal container with handle.

  • That is quite the pantry you have there! Nicely done!

  • Sarah Kane

    Great idea, do you think that paper would work in the Silhouette? Also where did you get those baskets with the handles? Love it!!!

  • love love love … awesome idea. ps . i wish i had a pantry that looks like this one … LOL