Wood Advent Calendar with FREE Printables!

Hey friends!

Hope everyone is having an awesome Thanksgiving break!  I am here today to share a quick and cute advent calendar I made!  This also makes a super cute Christmas Card display!

Here is how it turned out…

This is so simple to make!  I made mine during yesterday’s nap time!

I started with 2 – 1×3″ furring strips from Lowe’s or HD.  These run under $2 a piece.  Here are my dimensions…

For those of you that don’t have a saw…  This is one you need to have.  You can EASILY cut this project and so many others on our site using this.  Cheap and easy… Promise!

That’s a stocking stuffer gals!  Come on… You will thank me!  This is a perfect ‘craft’ saw, and you would be shocked at how many projects you can do with it!

To paint my advent calendar, I used the method below!  Just click on the photo to take you to the post where I give a full tutorial on it.

Once it was dry I finished up!

I decided to hang little bags on each of my clips!  I will be filling each bag with small goodies for all the kids…  Fun small candy, stickers, and treats.

For the numbers, I decided to print them on my computer!  I made them printables for you!!

Print Advent Numbers 1-15

Print Advent Numbers 16-25

I found my punch on Amazon!  Here is the link below!


That’s it!   I have mine sitting by our fireplace, and I love it!  So cute!  Want to see a few more pictures??

Hope you love it!

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