DIY Thankful Photo Board with Free Printables!

Hey friends!

Hope you all had an awesome weekend!  You don’t have to stick around here long to know my love for photos.  To me, photos make the best decorations and gifts.  I have a blank wall I have been looking to fill in my hallway, so I got busy making a board to display some photos!  Here is how it turned out…

Free Printable Thankful Photo Board

So fun!

I am so thankful for my crazy family.  I decided the word ‘thankful’ would be perfect for this board.  My baby girl is in the middle of potty training right now… So, this can also serve as a reminder that I AM thankful for these times 😉

I have done all the hard work for you!  I made all of the letters into free printables for you to print at home.  You just click on each of the links below to take you to the printables.  A new browser window will pop up and you can just click print from your browser bar.  I printed mine on cream thin cardstock.  White works great too.  You can even do photo paper if you are feeling really fancy.


CLICK HERE to print letters T-N

CLICK HERE to print letters K-L

 While those were printing, I started on my wood board.

I used a 1×8′ pine board from the hardware store.  You can get a 6′ piece for $7 and cut it in half for 2 of these boards.  CHEAP!

Wood For Photo Board

The hardware store will also cut these for you if you need them to.  A simple hand saw will do the trick easy too!

I stained the entire board with my new VERY FAVORITE stain color from Rust-Oleum.  You should get used to seeing this stain, because I will be putting it on LOTS.  Love it.

Rust-Oleum Carrington Stain

Rustoleum Carrington Stain

While that was drying, I cut my letters out.

Free Printable Letters

After the board dried, I used bronze nail heads like these to attach the letters to the board.  You can find these at the hardware store as well.  I push them into the wood a bit with my hand, and use a hammer to tap the rest in.

Nail heads

Now for the clips!  I found these cuties at Michael’s.

Vintage Metal Clips

They come with red rubber on each end, which is super cute but didn’t go with my stuff so I peeled it off of each one.  Then, I used Gorilla Glue Super Glue Gel to attach each clip.  You only need a small drop.  And, hold the clip in place for about 30 seconds to allow it to hold.

Gorilla Glue Super Glue Gel

Finally, I drilled two holes above the H and U and used thick twine from Hobby Lobby to run a knot through the front of each hole to hold it up.  I used a hook on the wall to hang it from, put some pics of my cuties on it and I was done.

Simple project.  Under $10.

These also make a great gift for family and friends without breaking the bank!

Here are a few more shots!

Thankful Free Printable Photo Board

Photo Display with Free Printable Letters

Free Printable Thankful Photo Board

 I hope you like it!

Let me know if you have any questions at all!  Thanks so much for stopping by.

I would LOVE for you to share this board and pin it with your peeps!

Also stay tuned… We have a really fun announcement to make on Wednesday!  Can’t wait to share it with you guys! 🙂


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  • Vanessa Yaccarino

    How did you transer and print out the fonts with black backround and white font color?

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  • Trisha Geirin Moroz

    How do you get the black background once you download the font?

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  • Blanca Kelley

    Everyone loved it!

  • Blanca Kelley

    This was so easy and fun! I found the clips at Michael’s near the scrap book stuff and the nails at Lowes by the wire nails. $1.30 for 25. The clips were $3.99 but you can you the 40% off coupon. Used Carrington stain for 1 and Walnut stain for the other. Both beautiful. I just need to drill the holes for the twine but I might just use clips. Not keeping this for myself. It’s actually a gift.

  • Blanca Kelley

    It’s 1″x8″ (not ‘) it took me a min to figure it out. Just need to buy the clips and I’m ready for this project.

  • bryan

    Can you please share the other letters please?

  • Amanda Kratz

    I can’t find the clips anywhere!! 🙁 I’ve looked at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Home Depot, Office Depot….idk where else to look! 🙁

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  • Michelle Bain Eastwood

    I’d like to make BLESSED and THANKFUL….do you have the other letters I’d need for Blessed?

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  • Kelsey

    Is there any chance you’d be willing to make this a little smaller and email it to me? I want to put it on chipboard that i have and I’ve cut them too small.. I’d be sooo so grateful! Please let me know. Thanks!


  • Kelsey

    Is there any chance you’d be willing to make this a little smaller and email it to me? I want to put it on chipboard that i have and I’ve cut them too small.. I’d be sooo so grateful! Please let me know. Thanks!


  • Rachel Wood

    I found a font that I think is very close to the one she used. It is call Archistico. Thought that might be helpful for some of you. 🙂

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  • Kristy Guerrero Frazier

    If only we could find those clips. I don’t think they make them anymore

    • jennifer

      you can find them on Amazon by searching 7 gypsie clips. That is where I am ordering mine.

  • Kristy Guerrero Frazier

    Do you have a link for the rest of the alphabet so the sign can say different inspirational words?

  • Jennifer

    How do you print out the letters on big enough sheets of paper? Do you have to use a special printer? My printer only prints out 8 1/2 by 11 sheets of paper.

  • Kristen

    I made one for a Christmas gift

    • jessica

      Where did you get these letters?!

    • Crystal

      How did you get the black chalkboard background and the different letters together with the background for your sign? Thanks

  • Michelle Brown

    This was before the pictures were added.

    • Laura Pearce

      I love this one….where did you get the printable?

      • Jessica Mathews

        i want the printable to

  • Michelle Brown

    Everybody in the family got a gift inspired by you!! Thanks for helping me save money this season

  • Holly

    What font did you use for these letters? I want to match some numbers to the letters if possible.

  • Jackie Saling

    I use these letters a lot. Thank you so much. Do you happen to have numbers to match it?

  • Cheyenne Morris


    • Ashley

      what font is this???

      • Katy

        I’d love to know as well. 🙁

  • Cheyenne Morris

    Here is my BLESSED version! 🙂 Thank u Shanty-2-Chic 4 the inspiration!!! U r awesome!!! 🙂 Cheyenne!

  • ashley

    the printable’s are not working it keeps saying the page can not be displayed??

  • Sheri

    Unfortunately I don’t have a Cricut. Anyone come up with a different way to do the letters? I want to do a board that says ‘Love’ for my newly wed daughter-in-law with some of their wedding pictures attached.

  • Donna Morgan Shockey

    Please, please share with us how you made these letters. Thanks!

  • Ashlee

    Do you have the other letters somewhere on your blog? I can not find them! Thanks

  • Melissa DeFrancesco

    Thanks so much for all the wonderful ideas! Anyway we can get additional letter to download?

  • Laura Pearce

    Here is the one I did for FAMILY

  • Amanda Isham

    also I can’t find the wood stain you used…do you know of another color name that would match the Carrington color?

  • Amanda Isham

    did you have to sand the edges of the board?

  • Guest

    Here is the board I made. I love it!

  • Lisa

    Any chance you could send all the letters of the alphabet?
    I wanted to make a sign that says Give Thanks for school.
    Thanks in advance if you can.

  • Michelle

    I love this sign and I’d like to make some for Christmas gifts for Grandparents. Are there other letters available. I’ve gone to the Free Printables, but I can’t seem to find the additional letters. Could someone please point in the right direction.


  • Michelle

    I have an idea I am trying to put together and really like this but not sure if it will work or if you have other ideas I can do. It is for my MIL.. She has 6 grandkids. I am wanting to get a pic of the all the kids as babies and a now pic. Also a few pics of her with the kids .. Not one in particular but at least one with her and the kids each so that is 6 more pics. give or take. I want to do a word, poem or something that will top off the gift… What do you think? I am making a total of 3. The other 2 I know this would not be good for but am open to ideas. The other 2 are for guys. One for my dad and the other for my brother … Make a cologe of our mom that passed away( Long story short, our grandma and her kids will not allow us to have pics of our mom) so over the last 18 years I have gathered pics here and there and would like to share with him what I do have. The only way I seem to get pics is when someone passes away, there kids come in and give me photos. Thankfully 🙂 Thank you for your helpp

  • Jenni

    Love this! Do you have any other letters available to download? The only wall I have large enough for this long of a board is upstairs, so I was hoping to make a smaller one (FAMILY) to hang downstairs where more people would see it! Great projects 🙂

  • Laura Pearce

    I have made 3 of the photo boards. One that says FAMILY, one that says MEMORIES and of course the one that says THANKFUL. I am truly thankful for Shanty2Chic. You guys are so so inspirational and always give me great ideas. The fact that you take your time to post your projects AND give us free printables….well, I can’t even thank you enough! My daughter and her husband and their 2 boys just moved into a new home and I am making them homemade gifts to “warm” it up for them. Thank you again for all your inspiration!

    • G Sehn

      Where did you get the other letters?

      • Laura Pearce

        I used my Cricut And cut them out on card stock. I wish I knew how she made her letters. I like those better

  • Amber Staverman Lopez

    Did you make the design for your letters or did you find them on a web-sight? I would like to make some with different words and I am making this one too! Super cute!!

  • Melissa Bell-McFarlin

    So while making this amazing sign I ran into a problem…I went to Michael s to get the Vintage Clips at the Micheal’s in my area and they said they don’t carry I had to improvise.. I bought the clips at Home Depot and spray painted them. I also had to spray paint the nails since my home depot don’t carry the same color of nails.. 🙁 I hope that mine turns out just as cute unless someone else has any other creative ideas:)

    I love all of your projects:)

    • Lisa Parkinson

      Hobby Lobby also carries them, and they have them with the brown rubber instead of the red. My home Depot also didn’t have the right color, so I went to JoAnns and found something quite similar to use, it looks the same but has 4 little pointed corners to pound in. turned out cute.

    • G Sehn

      I had the same problem. One Michael’s, one Home Depot, one JoAnn and then BINGO…..a Michael’s that had one bag of the clips left. Also spray painted the tacks (used upholstery nails) to make them match. Getting ready to order prints from Shutterfly and I will be done!

  • Amanda Waldo

    Lovely!! Looking forward to this project 🙂

  • sl639

    I love this idea. I am making crafts for a church fair where all the money goes to missions. I would love to make this with the saying Blessings since it is in Dec. Could you post a printable for Blessings? Thanks so much. Love your site!!!

  • kendrasen c

    What do you to do keep the pictures from curling? (Eventually!) 🙂 Thanks for the super cute (EASY) idea!!!

    • kendrasen c

      Also, do you have a picture of the wall “zoomed-out”. How might you decorate around this? I have several blank walls, and can NOT figure out a way to appropriately fill them. Thanks lady!

    • G Sehn

      The pictures will not curl because you have them tacked at all four corners.

      • olderreader

        Actually, the letters in the title are the only ones tacked at all four corners; the photos are hung by the clip and, unless perhaps backed with a firmer backing could tend to curl, over time, especially in a humid/wet environment.

  • Margaret Schmidt-Bruckner

    When I printed these out one set of letters is slightly larger than the others …do I need to do something to make them the same height?

  • Molly’s momma

    Any chance you would want to add more letters?!? I would really like to make one that says family and memories to go with it….also how hard would it be to change out the letter with the season?

  • Melissa Bell-McFarlin

    Girls she printed on cream thin cardstock.

  • Gertie Coffey Tenllado

    Adorable! I love this idea & have a ton of boards to use for this project. Thank you!

  • Kim

    I love this! Where is the hook from?

    • It’s actually off a hook shelf I found at Home Goods… It came with 4 for like $15 so I bought it and took the hooks off 🙂

  • Nicole Burkholder

    This is so cute! I’m going to make one a bit more “fall” inspired and use it to hang photos of things we are thankful for during the month of November! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Roma Templet

    Love it. What did you put the letters on after you cut them out? Did you just print on card stock and nail that to board?

    • Yup… Just nailed the cardstock down! Easy 🙂

  • What a cute idea!

  • Christi Lynn Strahan

    I love it!! Question though. What did you use for the paper for the letters? Thanks!! I love all your crafts!! 🙂

    • Melissa Bell-McFarlin

      She printed on cream thin card stock.

    • Cardstock 🙂