Hey friends! I am SO excited to share my latest build!  This next one has been a long time coming.  This has been where my son’s tv has been resting for the last few months…

I know… Pretty shanty, right?? 😉

I have been avoiding tackling  a dresser for sometime, because I thought it might be too hard.  Well I am happy to report that it did not kill me, and it really wasn’t too difficult at all!  The best part??  His tv and clothes now have a new home!  Here it is!  Ana gave me a great set of easy plans to follow and you can see them HERE!

DIY Pottery Barn Dresser

I will say that the Kreg Jig® is a MUST for this build.  If you need another excuse to finally go and buy one, just check our last 10-15 furniture projects.  You need one… I promise!

I will show you a few tips here, and you can get the full set of plans for my Pottery Barn Inspired Dresser HERE on Ana White’s site!

I used my Kreg Jig® on lots of parts!

The sides…

Kreg Jig Pocket Holes

pocket hole jig

The base…

pocket holes in base

The base looks like this after it is attached…

This is a picture of the top before I attached it to the dresser.

Kreg Jig

I used Gorilla Wood Glue on ALL of my joints!  LOVE!  It never fails, and it is our very favorite glue!

For this piece I was finally able to try out some PureBond Hardwood Plywood.  I have heard lots about it, and it certainly lived up to it’s hype for me!  I used 3/4″ birch from Home Depot and had the nice man at Home Depot cut it into 15 3/4″ strips as Ana calls for in the plans.  This saved me lots of time, and made it much easier to carry home!

I will be sharing later a more specific tutorial on working with metal drawer slides, but Ash gives a few tips HERE on her Pottery Barn inspired coffee table!

Here it is all finished up and ready for a good coat of stain!

DIY Wood Dresser

I used the same stain on this piece that I used on the other pieces I made for his room.  This stain is the BOMB.  It dries in less than an hour, and only requires 1 coat.  As a mommy with lots to do, this makes me super happy!

Rust-Oleum Wood Stain

Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain in Dark Walnut

For my hardware I matched what I used previously.  These sash pulls can be found at Lowe’s for cheapo!

My hubby helped me move it into his room and I took a few more pictures for you guys!

DIY Pottery Barn Dresser

Hope you LOVE it!  I do!  Sure beats the old clothes basket… just sayin!

I would love for you to share this and Pin it below!

You can also check out the other pieces I have made for his room!

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DIY Bookcase

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DIY Wood Shelves

$20 Easy Shelves!!

Thanks so much for stopping by guys!  Make sure to check Ana’s site for the full set of plans on this great DIY dresser!


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  1. Absolutely love! Once again you amaze me! Thanks to you, I bought the Kreg jig, you guys should get commissions!!!

  2. Love this! where did you get the baskets that fit under? the pottery barn ones are not cheap and I was looking for an alternative for my camp style dresser that we got (before I knew how to DIY!) Also love the basket of baseballs-such a chic little room!

  3. Hi. I was also wondering about the floor. I like it very much.

    I was also wondering about the finish on the pieces you made. The stain is a rich, gorgeous color, but do you finish it at all with poly or wax or anything?

    As always,very nicely done.

    1. Hey Linda! It is stained concrete… I do love that I can scrape just about anything off of it! We had ours stained when we built the home.

      I did use Rust-Oleum’s polyurethane on the top of the piece to protect it from water rings and from my 5 kiddos :-). Thank you!!!

  4. This looks so awesome!! I tried to make her media console last summer and it ended up being too wobbly to use. Maybe I’ll get brave enough to tackle one of her projects again soon, but I gotta have this baby first before I can get back on the DIY wagon.

    LOVE his entire room!!

  5. WOW, I love the finiish on all of those furniture pieces! I am not as handy as I would like to be with power tools, but you have inspired me! Hopefully one day I will be there….I just finished my first makeover on a dresser for my girls’ room. (after much anxiety–for fear I would ruin it.)

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Amazing! Not many boys can say their mom made all the furniture in their bedroom. I am finally working up the courage to try some build projects and you are a huge source of inspiration and encouragement. I am currently trying to build some slide out drawers for beneath my kitchen sink. I got the two drawers built today, only to realize I had not allowed enough room for the slides and the boxes were too wide to fit : ( I’m not giving up though. I have a question, do you use kreg clamps for holding your wood in place when joining? I am using kreg pocket holes, but have trouble keeping everything lined up, especially trying to get perfect 90 degree angles so my drawer boxes are square.

  7. Wow, aren’t you so clever and talented! What a great job. Looks just like the PB catalog in his room!!

  8. LOVE it! I’m a huge fan of everything you do! It’s started to inspire me to make my own things. Where did you find the wire baskets in the room?

  9. Whitney love this build, if only I had more space in my kids rooms! I’m uber jealous you all got to meet up with Ana at Haven, I had no idea I would be missing out on such a great experience, you can bet I will be there next year. Maybe we can all collaborate on a Mega-build someday.

  10. So beautiful! I’ve wanted a piece of furniture to put my tv on in my living room. After seeing this, maybe I could build something myself! Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Fabulous as always….can we chat about the floors in your sons room for a sec? Are those stained concrete? Did you do them yourself and do you love them or not so much? Would love to hear your experience with them:) LOVE LOVE LOVE your site and the gorgeous stuff you girls make!!!!

    1. Thank you Deanna!

      Stained concrete… We paid a contractor BUT I do wish I would have done them myself… I’m not super pleased with the finish because it shows lots of scratches. Hope this helps!

  12. Beautiful job, Whitney! Thinking it would make a great console in the DR or large entry, too.

    How do you ladies do it?!? I’m going to have to stop reading your blog as I feel like a super under-achiever. Ha! Ha!

  13. Oh My GOD I love this! It is fab, you are so talented, would love to do something like this, I need to pluck up the courage! How much did it cost to make approx? 🙂