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Happy Wednesday!

I have a really fun and simple way of displaying your address number outside your home!  Here is how mine turned out…

Address Numbers Post with Planter

How fun is that??

This is super easy to make!  I found all of the supplies, including my flowers at Lowe’s!

Let’s get started!

Start with a 4x4x8 piece of wood from Lowe’s.  These are about $10 a piece and sometimes I have the guys at the hardware store cut mine for me to make it easier to carry and get home.  Plus… It saves me a step 😉  My post is 48″ long.  A small handsaw will cut it in half easily too!  Just takes a little elbow grease 😉  One post will make 2 of these signs, so you may want to make one with a friend, as a gift or make a water hose holder!

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 6.21.32 AM

You will also need 2 other pieces of wood.  I was able to use scraps for mine.

Wood for garden hose holder

Wood for Hose Holder

Next, I used my drill to put a screw through both pieces and into my post like this.  I also used Gorilla Wood Glue in between each piece.

Ryobi Drill

Now for the finial!

I find these on the wood aisle at Lowe’s next to dowels.

Wood Finials from Lowes

Drill a small hole and put it on the top like this!


Now I gave the whole thing a coat of my very fav…

Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain in Dark Walnut

Rust-Oleum-Dark-Walnut Stain

And to protect the finish I added 2 coats of Rust-Oleum Spar Varnish after the stain dried!


My final step was adding the numbers and plant hook!  I found these cuties at Lowe’s for about $4 a piece.  They had other finishes as well.  The plant hook is also from Lowe’s.  It was around $5 in the garden section… Woohoo!

Address Numbers from Lowe's

I lined them up and attached them to the post using the screws that came with them… Easy peasy!

Address Numbers

I dug an 18″ hole in the ground to put my post and then added a cute planter from Lowe’s!  I filled mine with Sun Coleus and sweet potato vine… LOVE!

And here is how she turned out…

House Numbers Post Planter

House Numbers Post and Planter

House Number Post Planter

Address Numbers Post with Planter

Address Numbers Post Planter

Address Number Post Planter

What do you think??  I LOVE it!  It makes me happy when I drive up to my house 🙂

I hope you love it too!

I would LOVE for you to share this and PIN it with your peeps below!!

Have an awesome day and let me know if you have any questions!


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