Hey Guys!  So, this has been the week for finishing prolonged projects!  It has been too cold and rainy to finish any of my outdoor projects so, I turned to my inside projects.  I am happy to say that I FINALLY finished my burlap placemats!  Whitney and I started these several months ago but I set them aside to finish some other outdoor projects.  These were so easy and super cheap ~ my favorite kind of DIY!
I started with a cut of medium colored burlap from Hobby Lobby for less that $1.50 per yard!  I then cut each placemat to a 19″ x 14″ dimension.  I chose this deminsion based on a charger we measured it against.
Using a thin line of hot glue, I trimmed the outer perimeter of each placemat with brown 7/8″ grosgrain ribbon.
Next, I used 4 ply jute twine to accent the corners!
I placed a small dab of glue in the center of each corner…
secured the end of the twine…
and began to coil the twine around, hot gluing as I wrapped, to form a small circle.
I am loving numbers right now so I used my Cricut to cut a stencil for each placemat.  I dry brushed each number with Burnt Umber using my stencil brush.  Just dab up and down.
Using the same technique and paint color, I cut another stencil to add a design under each number.
My finished burlap placemats!
Cost and time were so minimal in this project and I love the texture they add to my dining room!  Weather man is calling for more wet and cold days ahead so it looks like I will be stuck inside catching up on some other fogotten projects…. and of course I will share them when they are complete!  Happy Sunday!
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  1. Not sure if I commented before (too lazy to look through the comments), but I love these place mats. I need to make me some.

  2. I love this! This looks so easy and what a great outcome you get. I am definitely going to do this!

  3. I love these! I was just at the fabric store looking at the burlap and wondering what I could do with it.

    I've seen so many Cricuts these days. I need to find out about them!

    Great idea!

  4. That is really cute…I have quite a bit of burlap left from a curtain project…

    hhhmm….thanks for the idea!

  5. I just found your blog today & love it! I love that you're sisters doing it together, too, cuz I have a blog with my sisters. I just finished looking at ALL of your posts & have decided that you 2 are crazy creative!!! I am definitely going to be a follower of your blog!

  6. Thanks for checking out my craft desk redo! I appreciate you visit…These placemats are adorable!! What a great idea! Kristen

  7. I loved this project so much, I went to Hob Lob yesterday and bought the supplies. I hope mine are as cute as yours!

  8. Love the jute details. 🙂 I made a burlap table runner over the summer, so I think I'm up to trying these…very fun! Visiting from Kimba's party. 🙂

  9. I am so glad that I found your blog. I go to it everyday. You have really creative ideas. I'm thinking you girls are working all of the time—-there's no way that you could be sleeping at all.

    Keep up the great work.

  10. Would you maybe post a picture of your dining room? I swear it is painted the same color as mine and the furniture looks similar and I am in a decorating funk as to what to do with it…just thought I'd ask! I always love your projects and would love to see what you did with the entire room;)

  11. So cute! I'm going to add it to the DIY Burlap/Jute Shout Out.
    Glad you're feeling better Whitney!



  12. Ashley, These turned out very cute! I like the jute embellishment in the corners… As for practicality, does burlap clean up well? I would probably be the one spilling red wine or spaghetti sauce on them! LOL I like the idea of a table runner, like your first commenter. Thanks for the idea.
    🙂 Sue

  13. Seriously….SERIOUSLY!!! How cool are YOU BOTH!!?!?!? EVERY DAY you inspire me!!! EVERY DAY, I tell ya!!! Thanks for all the ideas!! Keep it up!!!! HUGS!! – REbekah

  14. These look REALLY nice! Inexpensive and easy. Great combos! Always love all of ya'lls ideas. You just keep inspiring!

  15. Fabulous. I am really loving the texture of burlap, and have some ideas brewing to update my family room. Since that room is attached to my kitchen, I will try some burlap in there too!

  16. This is so cute. I love the idea of trimming it with grosgrain ribbon. I actually have a few yards of burlap. I may have to try something similar as a tablerunner.