Hi all!  This post is a revamp of a revamp and I am so loving the final product!!!  I bought these candle sticks at a store in Dallas off of Harry Hines.  I loved them at the time and needed 3 big candles to go with them.  Of course you can never find the color you want so I painted three large, white candles that I purchased at Hobby Lobby for $3.00 each.   I painted them with Spa Blue Acrylic and glazed them with Ralph Lauren Smoke Glaze.  As you can see, I added the embelishments (which were old Christmas ornaments from Whit’s attic that I painted with Burnt Umber Acrylic) and wrapped ribbon around each one.  I wasn’t loving these but I was happy they were done so I could move on to other projects!
I kept staring at them until I couldn’t take it any longer…..
I started with the candles by taking off the embelishments and the ribbon!
I cut three pieces of burlap long enough to wrap around the candle.
I then hot glued the edges of the burlap and folded the ends over to keep them from freying…
and wrapped each piece of bulap around the middle of the candle securing them with hot glue.
What project is complete without a little twine!  I used a dab of glue to secure the twine and trimmed both the top and bottom edges of the burlap from front to back, securing with a thin line of hot glue as I wrapped.
Back to the embelishments…I really like the two fluer de lis that I had used previously so I added them again to two of the candles by hot gluing them to the burlap.
Remember these cuties from my Date Blocks!  I had three left over so I added them to the remaining candle, also securing them to the burlap with hot glue.
Now to tackle the dark candle sticks!  I lightened them up with 2 coats of Rustoleum American Accents Heirloom White.  Ahh better but….
You guessed it!  I just had to glaze them with Ralph Lauren Smoke Glaze ~ A DIYers best friend!  Just paint on and wipe away with an old cloth!
Just look at the way he catches the details!
Now for the reveal…..
You remember the before…not too bad but just not right…
And the after
Now that’s it!  I no longer imagine what they could be…they are the exact way I pictured and I am so happy I revamped them!  This revamp is a keeper!
Are you guys getting your Gorilla Glue Party projects ready??  You can get all of the information on our shindig HERE!!! Don’t forget to grab our party button below!!

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I will be posting this at Poppies at Play!

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  1. Oh I LOVE this! I too didn't know you could 'paint candles'. Fantastic idea! I love the blue with the white, so pretty!

    I'm really into glazing lately too and wow, the detail on those candle holders just doesn't show quite the same when they were dark! They now look stunning!

    Thanks for linking up to the party! These are totally vignette territory!

    Funky Junk Donna

  2. White makes everything better! I love this transformation, I have been meaning to buy some RL Smoke Glaze. It does wonders, and you gals sure know how to use it. Thanks for sharing your wonderful project.

  3. Hello Ashley – wow, can I just spend one day with you guys? We could do crafts all day long. I think everything you both transform is fabulous. Love the candle sticks! Thank you for sharing.


  4. Those are too adorable!! Love the revamp. I've got 3 gold candlesticks just dying for a remake.

  5. Looove the idea…I added some burlap to some candles last week and just loved how they now look…that burlap is some awesome stuff!!!


  6. Good old Ralph never disappoints! He saved my butt earlier today when I messed up a white table I was painting. Love the makeover!

  7. What the heck, you can paint candles? I had no idea. I loooove this project; thanks so much for sharing!!!

  8. I love the new look! And burlap is big this year . . . 🙂


    PS – Reminding myself to look for mini fleur de lis' next time I am at Hobby Lobby.

  9. I love how the candlesticks turned out but I think I love the candle wraps even more! I make the same sort of thing out of leather or suede belts, and of course fleur de lis! Another fabulous project, thanks for sharing.