Hey guys!  I stepped away from my massive project today to share with you a super cute idea for throw blankets.  We love throw blankets at the Turner household but I have been hiding them because the ones we had matched the colors of our old house.  So, my mission after Christmas was to come up with a decorative way to leave our blankets out….and here’s what I came up with….
I started with this $4.00 basket from Target…
and these $9.00 blankets also from Target (btw…these are the softest blankets EVER:).
Here are the supplies I used (all purchased at Hobby Lobby ON SALE).
Some of these supplies are for another tutorial I’ll share with you soon.
I painted the two wooden accent pieces with Rust-oleum Heirloom White and the wooden plaque with Rust-oleum Slate Blue (just discovered the Slate Blue and it is a new FAV).
Next, I sanded the edges and corners with my 3M sanding block
I then hot glued the 2 wooden accents at the ends of the wooden plaque…
and drilled two holes at the top.
I used my cricut to stencil the letters (don’t have a picture of me actually doing this..sorry).  I used the George and Basic Shapes cartridge and dry brushed the letters with Lamp (Ebony) Black acrylic paint.
Ralph also stopped by….paint on and wipe off.
Next, I used 1ply jute twine and thread it through the holes and around the top of the basket.
I secured with knots
and cut off the excess twine.
Simple and Done:)
I love that this idea can be used in so many ways…
like in a bathroom for towels…
or as a baby shower gift filled with baby blankets and towels.  Stencil the baby’s name on the sign and it could be used as a decorative basket for toy storage later:)

Like the cute clips???  Check back soon for a tutorial on those as well:)

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  1. Great project! Wash those blankets a couple of times before using-they leave lots of fuzzies, otherwise. Not so good on a black suit-don't ask!! LOL! Great idea!!

  2. Now aren't you amazing. I love this idea. So pretty to look at but at the same time serving a much needed purpose. I think I would buy extra throw for use and keep that basket just looking pretty!

  3. Cute! I have a brown blanket from Ross just like those. It NEVER leaves my side. It's like my security blankie. But I shouldn't boast about that– I'm 21. LOL

  4. so cute love it. my mum makes up baskets with toileries to give as gifts it means you can pick out the individual gifts instead of ready made gift sets. thanks again for the great tips x

  5. what a cute idea! i especially like it for a baby shower gift! you girls have the most wonderful and unique ideas! by the way-this may be a strange and silly question, but is there any way y'all would give us a tour of your master bedroom. we are fixing ours up and i'm having a tough time "accessorizing" it. i thought you might have some good ideas for me:) thanks! jj

  6. Ashley, that is really cute, but where is Tris' blankie? That would look so cute in the basket with all of the other nice blankets.

  7. Hi Girls! Thanks so much for your nice comments:) I did leave off a small detail!!! I forgot to tell you how I painted the basket! I just used Rust-oleum Canyon Black and spray painted the whole thing! Super easy:)

  8. that is a much better idea than what we do now…leave them all over the floor/couches/half way up the steps! thanks!

  9. Wow wow wow…this is so practical and so very pretty. I just wish we had a Hobby Lobby here in Australia.