You read it right! $20 DIY Barn Door Hardware 🙂 We love adding barn doors to just about anything, lately, and I have been determined to figure out how to make a DIY version of hardware for you guys. The hardware can be so pricey and when you are trying to build budget-friendly pieces, sometimes it just can’t be done. It took me a full two days of work and four trips to Home Depot to get this hardware just right! And, I’m so excited to finally be able to share it with you!

DIY Barn Door Hardware

This is a project that is better taught in a video so, Whitney and I made a how-to video for you! Just click PLAY below to watch how easy it is to DIY your own Barn Door Hardware!

Isn’t it gorgeous! And, they are totally customizable! Make them for any piece of furniture you want (even a full door). All you have to do is make the track piece longer or shorter. If you make it longer, just add a few more spacers with hex screws, along the track for added support.

So, let’s build it!

DIY Barn Door Hardware – The Supplies

The supplies can be a little bit overwhelming so, I’m listing them below, with links, so that you can find them in hardware store.

Here are the supplies you’ll need for ONE barn door. If you are building two barn doors, double the supplies.

DIY Barn Door Hardware

The star of the show are these Clothesline Pulleys. You will need two and you can find them HERE. These babies are only $2.38 at Home Depot. Just take them apart (watch the video to see exactly how) and you’ve got yourself a barn door wheel! *Note: These pulleys are from Home Depot. We tried to take apart the pulley’s at Lowe’s and had no luck. They are made differently so if you can, try to get them at Depot.

DIY Custom Barn Door Hardware

Next up, you will need one package of these 2″ hex screws. Find them HERE.

DIY Barn Door Hardware -supplies

You’ll need two 1″ spacers. These can be metal also. My Home Depot only had nylon material but it’s going to get spray painted, so it doesn’t matter. You can find them HERE.

DIY Barn Door Hardware - track

Next, you’ll need a 1″x1/8″x96″ Aluminum Flat Bar. You can find it HERE. If you are building two of these, you still only need one flat bar.

DIY Barn Door Hardware - the supplies

DIY Barn Door Hardware – Wheel Assembly

For the wheel assembly, you’ll need:

2 – 1/4″ x 1″ hex bolts: find them HERE

1 package of  – 1/4″ washers: find them HERE

1 package of 1/4″ locking nuts: find them HERE

DIY Barn Door Hardware

You’ll also need a few baby hex screws. You can find the box HERE 

DIY Barn Door Hardware

We used a speed square and a pencil to mark for our cuts. You can find the speed square we use HERE on Amazon.

DIY Barn Door Hardware

You’ll need a jigsaw blade that will cut metal. You can find one HERE.

DIY Barn Door Hardware

Clamp the flat bar down to cut it.

DIY Barn Door Hardware

It cuts through the flat bar like butta!

DIY Barn Door Hardware

Use metal drilling drill bits to predrill your holes in the flat bar. You can find the drill bits HERE. Refer to the video for the placement of the holes!

Now you can assemble the wheels.

DIY Barn Door Hardware

Refer to the video for the wheel assembly.

DIY Barn Door Hardware

DIY Barn Door Hardware – The Track

You’ll also need a nut driver bit to drill the hex screws into the barn door track. You can find a set of bits HERE.

DIY Barn Door Hardware

Once all of the holes are predrilled and the wheels are assembled you can attach the barn door track to the piece of furniture.

DIY Barn Door Hardware

DIY Barn Door Hardware – Painting

Test it out! We made sure everything fit, just right, before taking the track down to paint all of the hardware.

DIY Barn Door Hardware

We used two coats of Rust-Oleum Flat Black Spray paint. You can find it HERE on Amazon. *Tip: make sure you spin the wheels around, as they dry,  to get full coverage!

Once the spray paint dried, we mounted the track back on the furniture and attached the barn door (refer to the video for that, too)!

DIY Barn Door Hardware For $20

That was it! Custom DIY Barn Door Hardware and we didn’t break the bank 😉

DIY Barn Door Hardware - For $20
DIY Barn Door Hardware

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Thanks so much for stopping by!

Happy Building!

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        1. Is there a recommendation for a way to stop the doors from going too far one way or the other, to prevent it from accidentally falling off?

  1. Thank you!!! I was looking for some examples of this b/c I want to do a pair of these over each window in one room, each door sliding in opposite directions. I am hoping to make it work. Thanks again.

  2. By The Way…..the way to spell the word is “pulley” and the plural is “pulleys”. So where do you get off correcting anyone Won Word?

  3. I am not seeing th measurements for how long to cut then aluminum bar….can anyone help there? Thanks

  4. This is so cool !!! Thanks for the Share !!! I’ll keep this bookmarked and also share it on my diy site too 🙂 This is another reason why i follow you ladies 🙂 So inspiring !!!

  5. I’ve made two sets of these for doors in my house using a similar technique but I used garage door pulleys. I have two reclaimed wood doors with a wrought iron panel in each on my pantry using the garage door pulleys so needless to say, it gets a LOT of use and those doors are heavy. I used an “L” bracket screwed in the floor to keep the doors from swinging out and a hex bolt in the ends of the aluminum strip as a stop. They’re truly beautiful.

    1. Can you clarify the L bracket with a picture? I have a toddler as I’m worried that she’s going to pull on the door that already swings out

    2. I really like your
      post. Just seeing it this fall and am replacing my garage doors. Was just looking at what I could do with the pulley system! Could you post a picture or 2? Especially interested in the L-bracket at the floor interface. Thanks!

    3. Was it very difficult to do? I’m renting and need more room, for my bathroom door, and my little storage area door. Thank you.

  6. What color and brand of paint is on the walls? I’ve been looking for a grey paint color to paint my living room.

  7. Love this! Such a fantastic share! My husband and I are in the midst of converting a walk-in attic to a bathroom, creating a “Master Suite” in our 1880’s FarmHouse. We would love to do this for the Bypass doors for our closet. I was thinking we could use the spacers and space a second bar out from the first… but then it occurred to me that the door wouldn’t be able to slide passed the spacers. Any suggestions???

  8. It cost me total $31 at a Texas Home Depot in April 2017. I still appreciate your channel, but the title about the hardware costing $20 is false.

      1. I see…I’ll post pictures of my screen porch door conversion when I finish. Thanks, girls!

      2. The flat bar it’s self cost $20 (in my area). How are you buying everything else and the total be $20?

    1. It is not false. I just bought the supplies yesterday at Home Depot and spent $39 for everything I need to make TWO.

        1. What size Pulley is used? Home Depot is out of stock and the website does not tell you a size or stock number? I can’t find it on your tutorial. Thanks

    2. You would easily spend $300 and more to buy a barndoor and it’s hardware, so really???? WTF people, get a life!

  9. Thank you so much for this! I know what I’m doing this week-end. I have been waiting for a long time to find an idea like this on pinterst. I’ll send you a picture of what I’m doing.

  10. I’m thinking of doing the same thing but on a larger scale 2 closet doors built of 1/2″ sanded birch plywood with framing around the edges. Would you girls suggest a thicker gauge aluminum?

  11. I wonder how you keep the paint from wearing off the pully wheels over time. This is why metal wheels are ideal, albeit more expensive.

    BTW, the plural form of “pully” is “pullies,” not “pully’s.”


          1. Agree…. it’s all about the ideas not a grammer lesson. Also different stores and cites have different prices & stock. I love this stuff!!!!
            Usually w/ DYI project Your going to end up making some adjustment or styles to fit Your situations & space thus things are going to change. No one can accommodate Everyones home decor in videos. It’s a starting point to what works for You. It is a great idea because I thought You had no choice but to buy expensive hardware for any tyoe of barn door look.
            So Awesome!!! Thank You for the many video’s. ??

      1. The correct word is “pulleys,” but thank you for playing.

        “In an age where Google dominates the Internet, how are so many grammatical errors still made on a daily basis?”

    1. I’m having the same issue. I didn’t do a good job sanding the metal before painting it. I’m going to try sanding, repainting and then doing a clear coat. I’m hoping it helps.

      1. im curious about this too…have everything ready to put on but conflicted because i dont want the paint to chip when the doors roll. Has anyone come across this problem or have a solution??

        1. So I went back and carefully followed the spray paint instructions. Sanded, washed and dried all the pieces. Primed with Rustoleum black primer, then 2 coats of rustoleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint and then a clear coat. The paint held up much better than my first attempt but no matter what I think that the paint will chip off slightly where wheels meet metal. I just figure that it’s a bit of a distressed look to begin with so it should be fine.

          1. they have special paint, but there is a better way. Use ur oven to heat the wheel up. The paint will bond to the plastic 4ever. Youtube will show u exactly how

    2. “Pulley” and “pulleys”, actually. As far as metal wheels, I just bought a package of 4 steel pulleys on Amazon for $10. Definitely worth it, as I’m “aging” them artificially to achieve a nice antique patina. Much harder to do with nylon.

  12. Just thinking out loud here: To keep the door from coming off the track backwards(or forward for that matter)maybe you can use a longer hex head bolt instead of the hex head screw, put it thru a drilled hole in the piece with the head staying on the outside, use a second-but shorter- nylon spacer between the head of the bolt and aluminum cross piece so it sticks out just a little bit farther then the wheel. I know, I know maybe a stretch but the door not stopping as it reaches the outside edge is a big problem in my mind.

  13. Smart way to get a good look. I know this is crazy but….where did you get the baskets? I’ve been looking for these exact ones!

    1. I make crates from scrap wood, but if you have them in your area, try Home Goods. Good selection of baskets and crates of all sizes. My wife’s been collecting them for ages!

  14. Excellent work) But you need to think of something, so that the door does not swing backwards.

  15. Love thanks so much for this! I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time now I actually can ????????