Guys!!! I am SO happy I took the plunge with this next project I am sharing with you today. For years I have wanted to renovate my master bathroom. Unfortunately, we don’t have the money to rip out perfectly good countertop and tile (as much as I would love to ? ) so I basically gave up on having a new space for the time being. I felt locked in because of the tones and style, so I put it on the back burner and gave up on the idea. Fast forward to a couple months ago. My girls were begging me to paint their bathroom cabinets. They only have on double vanity, so I finally caved and agreed to do it for them. I went to Lowe’s to purchase the same paint I used years ago in my laundry room. It has been discontinued since, but the nice man at Lowe’s pointed me to a new paint by Valspar I had never heard of. He told me all about it, and I thought it was probably too good to be true. I didn’t want to go anywhere else though, so I took his word for it and gave it a shot. I have painted cabinets several times, and to date this is THE BEST cabinet paint I have ever used. And guess what people… NO PRIMING! After seeing the transformation I was able to achieve in my girls’ bathroom, I decided to give it a shot on my bathroom. Now, this was a much larger project than my girls. We have separate vanities and 16′ ceilings in there. So, the entire project did take a few days but I am SO happy with the results! Before I get into the details, check out how I painted them in the before and after video below!

I am so pleaseD with how it turned out. It’s so much brighter and happier in here now and feels more fresh.

So, here is the before. I was anti-white paint 14 years ago apparently and chose a lovely butter yellow for all my walls ? That alone made the space feel dark. Everything was in need of some revamping, but I didn’t know how I could make it better with the tile and granite I already have.

Here is what my girls’ bathroom looks like now! It’s amazing how it has brightened up the space. You can see how smooth the paint went on as well.

In both rooms, I was able to achieve full coverage in 2 coats NO priming. That’s pretty incredible for a cabinet paint. So, let’s talk about the paint first. This is the paint the nice man at Lowe’s told me about.

I can’t claim to be an expert on this stuff, but I have had wonderful success now in two different spaces. I will try to reiterate what my buddy at Lowe’s told me about it. He called it a “hybrid” paint. He said it has the durability of an oil-base paint, but the ease and clean up of a latex paint. He assured me I didn’t have to prime it, no matter the paint I was going over. My cabinets were originally sprayed with lacquer. For my cabinets, I used the color Urbane Bronze by Sherwin-Williams. The code for it is SW-7048. For the walls, doors and trim I used Pure White also by Sherwin-Williams. Code for that is SW-7005. A few things I learned from painting my cabinets with this paint…

You may notice some bad reviews. I read a few of them and people complained about drips in the paint. This is a self-leveling paint, which is an awesome feature in the paint. It helps hide brush strokes and gives you a smoother finish. But, if you put it on too thick you will have dripping. I did two thin coats making sure to evenly brush them on. I would watch the places I painted for a few minutes after I painted them and if I did see a drip, I would just brush over it to blend it in. That worked just fine and I had no problem with dripping.

It did take a bit longer to dry than latex paint. I felt like my cabinets were dry to touch nearly as quick as latex, but definitely tacky for several hours. I was really careful to not touch them for a day or so.

I only used TSP substitute to degrease before painting them. No sanding, no priming. This is the TSP I used. I love this stuff. I just pour it on an old rag and wipe down all the cabinet doors and cabinet bases. I also wiped down my trim and actual doors since I was painting those as well.

These are my favorite brushes to use for painting cabinets and trim. The short handle makes them super easy to handle without your hands getting tired, especially for people with short hands like me! I love them. This paint was totally 100% washable with water only after I finished painting.

These are my FAV cups to use painting. I LOVE THEM. The magnet on the side comes in so handy while you’re painting. They are inexpensive too. Sometimes I will chunk them after I am done, but I usually wash them out and save them for another project.

For the walls, I used the larger cup for 6″ rollers. I love this one too and you can purchase these liners to toss after you are finished making clean up SO easy!

I filled the existing hardware holes with Plastic Wood Wood Filler. This stuff is great. It dries quickly and sands well too.

This is the roller I used on the walls. I also used a larger 9″ roller for the larger open parts of the walls and ceiling. This is a great roller for the smaller spaces, corners and cutting in.

Frog tape is always my go-to for painting projects! I love it so much. Never disappoints.

And, now for the pretty stuff! I found the rugs here on Amazon and LOVE THEM. They are thin and lay really flat on the ground. I feel like they will clean really easily, although thankfully I haven’t had to try yet. They have lots of fun patterns and I really loved this grey and rose one.

The faucets are here on Amazon. They were super inexpensive and easy to install! Shout out to my stepdad for helping me install them!

The soap dispensers are also an Amazon find! I have one in each of our bathrooms and kitchen. They work really well and the finish on them is strong so they hold up!

The light fixtures are from Depot. These are super easy to install and I love the look of them.

The mirrors are from Hobby Lobby. I wanted some that were slightly larger, but these were a good tone and worked. The mirrors I used in the girls’ bathroom is from Target and you can find them HERE!

The cabinet pulls are my favs! I use them on so many projects. I find them on Amazon here super cheap!

And, the cute canisters I found at Kirkland’s. It’s a set of 3 with real wood tops. Super cute!

The towels and towel hook are Target finds. The hook is HERE. I love these! I have them in my hallway as well. The towel is HERE!

That should cover it! I truly do feel like I have a brand new space in this bathroom. I decided to make lemonade out of my lemons, and I am so pleased with the results!

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  1. Update this product is discontinued…valspar needs to get it together… i used the valspar cabinet base paint and had it tinted to brown velvet…the paint looks great… i ordered nickel handles for the doors from amazon…we are so happy with how they turned out…thanks

  2. Looks great! What color paint did you use on walls? Thanks for sharing cabinet paint too. I plan to paint my entire kitchen cabinetry. (Help!)

  3. I have used this on my kitchen cabinets. I sprayed the top ones, but the bottom cabinets I just painted with a brush. I got the same results. And they are standing up to the slamming and bumps perfectly! I was worried at first when I started to spray because they got bubbles in them, but they layed down perfectly flat! I was amazed! I plan on painting the bathroom and my dining room cabinets next. LOVE this stuff!!

  4. I used this to redo an old hutch I found at a local auction. While it went on like a dream, I am not pleased with how it holds up. It seems to scuff and scratch really easily. However, I have used it on some new projects and it seems to do well. I am thinking I should have used liquid sand on the hutch to get the clear coat ruffed up first.

    1. Which finish did you use on the hutch? There are two types, I used one on my uppers, and the other on my lowers…not knowing I had a choice, and apparently didn’t notice the difference…lol. The shinier finish stands up much better. When I sprayed mine, I noticed they got scuffed when I brought them in the house. I took them back out to sand the 2nd layer of the flatter finish, and respray them, and they haven’t scuffed up at all since.

  5. I love the paint color but not a fan of the rectangle lights stacked on top of the square mirror. Looks funky and novice.

  6. After having heard the word DIY so many times… it has finally become clear to me what it is! Hahaha. The truth is that it is very interesting, you have to be “a little” handy, but it is an original way of doing things to your liking and also saves money. Very good article, congratulations! All the best.

    1. Lazy me question, did you take off all of the doors? That’s what screwed me up when I did my master bath cabinets, reinstalling the doors. Those funky hinges did NOT like being uninstalled and reinstalled. 🙁 But I reallllllllllllly want a white kitchen!

  7. My laminate is peeling away from my cabinets. Curious how peeling it off to start fresh with what is underneath would do with this paint. I want to redo our master bath vanities as well. Love it, looks awesome!

    1. I have the exact same problem. Builder grade cabinets, and the laminate is peeling off. I want to follow your comment for responses. Thank you

    2. Our laminate has been peeling for quite some time. Out kitchen island took the first hard beating, so we peeled it off and painted with plain old white paint we had on hand. Thankfully, the surface underneath is solid enough to paint. It looked surprisingly amazing, but it didn’t last in such a high traffic area. We did the same in the kids’ bathroom, though, and it still looks great after several years. We are about to replace our kitchen countertops and peel off and paint ALL the kitchen cabinets, so I am excited to try this new paint!

    3. I’ve seen people pull the laminate layer off, and then prime their cabinets with a high build primer (spray can). Then sand and you can paint. Worth a try? Worse thing that can happen, it doesn’t stick and you have to repaint.

    1. I have the same question! We followed along this post and painted ours but they chipped when my fingernail touched it, opening a drawer. There has to be something to put on top?!

      1. You have to make absolutely sure you’re cleaning them completely. And RINSE off the cleaner. I think that’s what happened to mine when I did the flatter finish version of this paint. There’s two types, and the shinier version held up great. But I think it was more that I really cleaned and rinsed them better than the ones I painted with the flat finish. I had to scuff the flatter finish type in my 2nd coat and then it held on just fine.

  8. Ty soo much!! I’ve been wanting to paint my cabinets in my kitchen and was clueless it could be “one step” without it being chalk paint.. soo glad you showed this! And the color options, whew! No more waiting weeks to special order.. ty again