Ahhh! It’s been FOREVER. Sorry to stay gone so long but I had a series of things happen that kept me away from the computer… But I’m back 🙂  I’m so excited to share my next project with you.  This is an easy one you can have done in a few hours but it will look like it took you much longer.  I have been wanting a full length mirror so I made this.
This is how I did it.  I started by purchasing a few things that were cheap and easy to find.
I found my full length mirror in black at Walmart for $5.00… Can’t beat that!
I found everything else at Lowes.  The 5 fence posts were super cheap!
The wooden scrolly was around $7.
And my wood screws were about $5 also but will last me a long time.
My first step was to cut my posts the same length.  I used my miter saw for this part but you can also use a small hand saw or have Home Depot cut them for you.  Mine were about 5′ tall each after I cut them.
I also cut a piece of scrap 1×2 to anchor my posts together.  These are around $1.50 at Lowe’s also.  I put all my posts good side down on the ground.  These are the tools you need now.
I ran  a line of Gorilla Wood Glue one the posts where my 1×2 would lay.
Then, I put the 1×2 on top of it and used my drill to drive a wood screw into each post.
When I was finished it looked like this.
I repeated this step on the other end and I was done.  I then used some cream latex paint to dry brush my posts.  I wanted it to look and worn.
While that was drying I moved on to the other pieces.  I taped off my cheap black mirror so I wouldn’t have to take it apart.
I then painted the entire black edge with FolkArt Seamist acrylic paint that I get at Hobby Lobby.  This took at least 3 coats but they dry fast so it’s no big deal.  After it was dry I added a bit of Ralph Lauren Smoke Glaze.  You just paint it on and then wipe off as much as you want with a wiping cloth or old t-shirt.
I also painted and glazed my scrolly…
Now it was time to put this baby together.  Because both my mirror and scrolly were so light I decided to hot glue it to the posts.  I just added LOTS of hot glue under the mirror to make sure it sticks.  Then, I attached the scrolly.
I really like the look of this leaning against a wall rather then hanging so my work is done.  For now, it sits in the reading area of my bedroom.  I love it!  What do you think??
Hope you guys like it! It was a simple and cheap way to create a very custom mirror!  It’s good to be back… Thanks so much!!

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  1. That's a good idea; many of us need full size mirrors and some of the ones you can buy are just plain ugly. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Please if you would..explain what you mean by dry brush the cream paint..we have about 40 feet of fence to do for a beachy wedding coming up..and your paint job is the look I'm going for.

    Thanks ,Cindy from Tx

  3. Omigosh, that is super cute!!! Oh, I thought about you guys tonight when I was in the Home Depot paint section, with the new Martha setup replacing the Ralph Lauren, boohoo. :/

  4. I love this mirror. I would love to try to make one for my home too. Thanks for the idea. Love & blessings from NC!

  5. I have one of those mirrors…hanging on the back of a door of an empty bedroom (I'm a little embarrassed to say) I think yours is gorgeous and it may be time for me to step it up a notch:) Love it!

  6. Love it, I don't normally like to tell folks what I would do differently for fear of offending. But, since you asked what I think. I think that if you beefed up the frame on the mirror a bit it would look even better than it does already 🙂 You gals do great work and I'm truly glad to have found you and have enjoyed all your projects! I'm a texas gal too! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

  7. I totally love this…I have a cheapo mirror, and I move it from room to room and it is very flimsy so I think by doing this would stabilize it and hopefully not to heavy. Thanks for the great idea!

  8. Oh I love it Whitney!! This would be a perfect project for our teenage daughter's bedroom makeover. Thanks for sharing, you did an amazing job:) ~ Tina x

  9. LOVE IT! I just bought an ugly full length mirror and I think this is just the face lift it needs!