Hi all!  Whitney wants all of you to know that she hasn’t fallen off the face of the earth!!! She got back in town just in time for a record snow fall for the DFW area.  We hit 12.5 inches for the first time on record here!!!  I know it’s not a lot compared to many states but it’s HUGE in Texas!!!  Our kids have been enjoying making big snowmen (with clean snow), digging tunnels, tubing behind four-wheelers and of course having snowball fights:)  It has been so fun however there are currently over 200,000 homes without power in our area….and Whitney’s home is one of the 200,000.  So, no  blogging for Whitney this weekend.  Her husband hooked a generator up to the house so they have enough electricity for bath time but that’s about it.  She said to tell all of you hi for her and to let you know that she will be back as soon as possible with projects and tutorials:) 
I am still working on my storage system…tackling the painting right now.  I have painted 3 of the 8 pieces and it is a BEATING!!!  I can’t wait until I am done so I can share my color choice with you:)  I hope you all have a great weekend with your families and stay warm!!!
~Ashley (and Whitney in 3rd person 😉
Here are some of the pics I have taken the past few days of our Big Snow!!!
Our little TCU snowman!!!
Winter Wonderland
Tris’ first snowman to build by himself.
Kade rolling around
A little football
Brotherly love at it’s finest…
The most snow we have EVER seen in the Lonestar State!!!
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  1. Love, love LOVE your blog. First time I came here and have to say love at first sight. Have to become a reader, so I can come visit more often!

    Greetings from Finland!
    – Jaana

  2. Greetings from Forney (east of Mesquite)! I had no idea you guys were in DFW! How fun! Glad you enjoyed the snow – we did too. I've never seen that much snow in my life!

  3. Just had to comment when I saw the cute TCU snowman. My daughter is a junior at TCU and is has no electricity for the third night in a row!

  4. I'm almost as far north as you can go. People mistake my accent for Canadian. BUT yeah, it's looking like you finally have more snow than me 😉
    We're melting way up here.

  5. I agree with Robyn, could you send some of that snow down to SA? I mean, one year it snowed in Austin and CORPUS CHRISTI but not in SA! What's up with that! Love the blog, looking forward to more tutorials when you get power.


  6. Looks like y'all had a blast! I've been spending my time envying Dallas lately. 😉 Nothing but rain in Houston, even the northern 'burbs where I am. I pray my kiddo will get to play in some snow like that one day (and preferably in her backyard!). I hope Whitney gets her power back soon!

  7. I live in Iowa….so glad you could share in our winterwonderland:) As long as you don't have to drive and can stay warm it's ok. It's awesome your family could make snow memories! I have many, many snow/blizzard stories and love to recall them. I sure wish our snow would go away as fast as yours will. Then winter wouldn't be such a bummer….it lasts SO long in Iowa—that's what gets old.

  8. I am bummed I only got 9" at my house…lol…made my day to see all the snow…glad I was off work to enjoy it with my furbabies.

  9. Wow! THat is crazy! I haven't seen that much snow in years!!! Ky is due a big storm like yours. 🙂
    Tell Whitney we miss her.

  10. We have over 50 inches where I am right outside of DC. My son has been out of school for over a week. I think I read somewhere that all 50 states have had snow this winter. Crazy!

  11. It was amazing in the Big D this weekend! It was nice and snowy, but the roads were great and I got to do a little shopping! There were snowmen EVERYWHERE, I totally should have taken pictures of them all and posted it.

  12. We got tons of snow today in Alabama too! It was the most we have seen in a long while. Glad y'all enjoyed it, we did too!!!!!!!!!

  13. Greetings from Plano!! I can't believe we got that much snow either! Luckily we still have our power! Prayers go out to all those affected and for a speedy restoration of power. I can't imagine how cold it is for y'all!!

    I love reading this blog!! It inspires me to get out to my garage and tackle all my furniture projects! When it warms up, I'm so on it!!