Hey guys!!  I’m back to share my Christmas Tree reveal for the Michael’s Christmas Tree Challenge!

how-to-decorate-a-treeI have to admit, Halloween was a little crazy with a Christmas Tree up but, it’s my favorite holiday to decorate for and it got my tail in gear quick 🙂

Almost every piece (including the tree) is from Michael’s!  Here’s a closer look at the cuties I purchased to fill this tree up!

pine-cone-garlandI’m totally in love with this pinecone garland!  It has a mix of dried leaves, pinecones and twigs with a touch of gold glitter.  I bought 4 of them for my 7 ft. tree.  I wrapped them around the tree to start!

pine-cone-stemsI also found these cute pinecone stems.  They were pretty big so I cut the branches off and made 3 stems out of each one.  I just randomly placed them in the tree.  They also have a bit of gold glitter 🙂  I found them with all of the stems.

poinsettia-stemI bought 12 of these little cuties and at .99 a pop they were such a great steal!

gold-star-ornamentI love these little gold stars.  I found them with the ornaments and they add variety to the shape of the ornaments that I chose!
gold-stemI also found these little gold ball stems in the stem section.  They were inexpensive and I also cut them into two separate stems.  I like the different gold tone they have.

gold-floral-stemAnother stem find!  Love these sparkly floral stems.  These were huge so I cut them into 2 stems and placed them randomly in the tree.
medium-twig-ballI bought 12 medium twig balls and hung them on the tree with little silver hooks 🙂

large-twig-ballAnd a few large twig balls for variety!

Christmas-Tree-TopperMy favorite final touch is the burlap garland (I purchased 3 rolls).  I used 2 rolls for garland and 1 roll to make the bow topper.  I also LOVE the stems on the top of the tree!!  I bought 3 stems (the look like branches) and I made 3 stems from each large stem.  I just stuck them through the top of the tree!


how-to-decorate-a-treeI’m LOVING my tree this year and it was so easy to decorate with all of the goodies I found at Michael’s!  I love the mix of gold, silver and natural pieces!

I hope you love it too and all of your shares are always appreciated 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by!




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  1. I love your tree! Perfect balance of nature and sparkle! Please tell me where you bought your hall tree (I think that’s what they’re called) that you hung the stockings on? I’m obsessed… 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for posting pictures and details about your tree. I opened my email from you and instantly fell in love with it ! We have had the same tree and trimmings for 10 years – and this is the year for CHANGE ! I had some time to kill during my son’s hockey practice last night, so I sprang into action. I called and found the tree collar at a Crate and Barrel in my area, paid for it and they are holding it for me and then went to Michael’s and found almost everything. I might break tradition and put it up our new rustic glam tree BEFORE Thanksgiving. 😉

  3. I love the tree! Can you tell me where you got the fabric for your stockings? I’m obsessed:) Always love your posts!