Oh HEY!!! You were not forgotten, I promise!  Ash and I have been crazy busy this weekend.  Ashley is my daughter’s cheerleading coach.  Here they are with my other sister who also coaches her.
This last weekend we competed at Nationals and guess what…
Woohoo!! So… Needless to say, Ashley worked close to 3214012 hours over the weekend and I was there for much of that.  Sorry to keep you guys waiting but again… WOOHOO:)
Now to frames!  I had several questions about my frames I used on this wall here.
This is a “pre-blog” project I have never shared.  I was creating a wall of pictures and wanted to alter my frames to coordinate and help it flow.  I purchased all of my frames at Big Lots for under $20 but you can also find great cheapos at Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby.  I tried to find frames that were very different in style.  You start by removing the insides of your frame like this.
These are the products I used to create my frames. 
First I painted the frame with two coats of the Americana Burnt Umber.
After letting that dry I applied one generous coat of the crackle medium.
After that dries it is time for the top coat.  Your top coat will be the color that cracks open and reveals the bottom coat through the cracks.  *IMPORTANT* !! When you are applying the top coat you can’t paint over where you have already painted.  I do one line of paint at a time.  If you do go over it, the crackle will not work.
As the top coat drys it will crackle.  Make sure to use a good amount of paint on your brush for the top coat.
And all finished up…
At this point you can put your glass back in and add a cute picture…
…Or you can also take it one step further. Soon, I will be showing you a super cheap but so chic way to mat your own pictures.
Thanks so much for stopping by!  We’ve missed you guys and I’m glad to get back in the swing of things.  Have a great Thursday!!

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  1. Your daughter is adorable! Congrats on winning Nationals! I cheered and coached for an All-Star gym in Florida for 7 years and I miss it so much since I've moved. Best of luck on the rest of the season! Any comps in FL?

  2. What a sweetheart your daughter is! Very exciting for her, I'm sure!
    I'll have to try that crackle finish again because I must have been doing it all wrong. I think I gave up and just threw mine away last time. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I just painted a pair of lamps that exact aqua color. Love it! The frames look great.

    By the way, congrats to the champ!

  4. Congrats on the championship win!! I was a competitive dancer and I can relate to the excitement of a championship competition!!

    Thanks for the great tutorial. It was great to see it explained!

  5. Very cute! Great color too. I just posted a frame (and Gorilla Glue) project and I am hosting a linky party. Please join me 🙂

  6. Thanks for the info, esp about painting the top coat with a once over! Congrats to your little one ~ she is adorable.

  7. love it! i have used that same crackle liquid and it just didnt work. but now i know why. i painted more than once with the top coat! silly me! i guess i will be trying it again! thanks for the info! and wahoo! for your little cutie!