You don’t have to spend much time with me to know that I change my mind OFTEN.  I think it is a sickness of some sort.  With the baby on the way I have been trying to get the older girls’ room finished and in the process I decided to change up the rooms.  It all started with a trip to Home Goods.  I always get in trouble there.  My original plan was to make their bedding to match the Amy Butler headboards I did HERE.  This all changed when I found these cuties here…
I fell in love with these great $30 quilt sets I found at Home Goods.  For $60 I got 2 quilts and 2 matching shams… Can’t beat that!  There was only one problem.  The girls’ room is painted a really pale pink.  Normally this wouldn’t bother me and I would just paint but it was painted just a little over a year ago.  So, after much brainstorming with my sisters I decided to switch their room with the baby’s room.  Here is the very blank slate…
Notice the “temporary” roller shades that have now been hanging for a year…
This room is already a pale blue that I love and it had other perks as well so I spent the day moving.  It did pose a few challenges with the little attic door and working with 2 twin beds, but I got it all moved… Myself… Without my hubby 🙂 ! I also managed to get the bed skirts made so stop by tomorrow for that tutorial.  It’s a cheap way to make your own custom bed skirts.  I will also show you how I placed the furniture in the room.
Also, don’t forget about Friday’s party! It’s that time again… We want to see all your projects you have done without the help of your hubby!  This can be anything you did with your own two hands!
I will see you guys tomorrow!

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  1. Moving all the furniture must've been hard considering that the floor is carpeted. Can't wait to see the pictures of the finished room! (my son's bedroom looks just like your room sans the crown molding). Do you have a little nook on the side opposite to the long wall?

  2. Can't wait to see it all pulled together. I'm also interested in the bedskirts, as I need to make one too.

  3. Be careful moving all that furniture, little Momma!!! There are times when it is ok to have Hubby help.