Hey guys!  We recently discovered Ana’s blog ~ Knock Off Wood ~ and I have been on a furniture high ever since!  Ana is a carpenter who makes knock off furniture on the cheap…and she is generous enough to share her detailed plans with the blogging world!  Not only does she offer the plans for FREE, she gives you the exact cutting deminsions, a supply list and detailed how to’s on many techniques she uses when building!
Have you ever looked through a high-end magezine and longed for playroom storage?  Well, I haven’t simply because they are so out of my budget, so I glance but I never let it enter my mind but that is about to change!  Ana offers the plans for a similar storage system and PLEASE believe me when I say ANYONE can make this ~ NO SAW NEEDED!  It may be a little overwhelming for you when you first read the plans so I am going to take you with me on my journey to conquer the largest piece of furniture I have ever made from scratch.  I am starting with the outside bases. You can see the plans for it HERE!
When I said NO SAW NEEDED that is because Home Depot will cut all of the measurements you need for FREE!
I took my supply list along with all of the measurements I needed to my local Home Depot.
This is Stephan.  I told him what types of wood I needed and how I wanted them cut.  He picked them out for me, carried and cut them.  I just told him the measurements as he went.  (I did get home with a piece that was cut too short.  I took it back the next day and they replaced it at no extra charge.  However, for the next set I will bring my tape measure with me and make sure they are right before I leave so I don’t have to make another trip).
These suckers spank my circular saw!
and here are all of my pieces (because they were cut I was able to fit them in my backseat and they were very easy to handle)!  FYI:  I used 3/4″ thick MDF for the sides, bottom and top and 1/4″ thick MDF for the back.
When I got home I marked all of the boards A-E according to the plans (next time I will mark them as I measure them at Home Depot to save time).
Now, you don’t need a saw but you MUST have a drill…
and Gorilla Glue Wood Glue.  When attaching the boards together spread wood glue generously between every piece you are attaching ~ the screws will act as clamps while the glue is drying.
You will need to predrill holes for all of your screws.  Choose a drill bit that is a tad smaller than the thickness of your screws so that the screws will only cut the thread.  (MDF is soft and this will protect the wood from splitting.
Because I could not find the suggested cabinet screws, a Home Depot employee (and my hubby) suggested these Deck Mate screws.  I’m not sure what the difference is but they worked like a charm!
After predrilling I inserted the screws. (You will be drilling blind so a line is helpful to mark where the other board is located).
Looking good!  (Ana offers a how-to square and level HERE).
Another step ~ per plans!
The plans suggest 2 1/2″ base moulding but I could not find any under 3″.  So, I just picked a preprimed trim that I liked at 2 1/2″.  It worked great!
Almost done!
Predrilling the top (note the penciled line).
Adding screws to the top.
Now for the back side.  Ana suggests 1/4″ thick plywood for the backside because it is cheaper than MDF or hardwood plywood.  I opted for 1/4″ MDF because the cubbies will be open, exposing the back.  It was more expensive but I know I will be more pleased with the look.
I used these 1″ wire nails to hammer the backside on.
Finally, go back and fill in the holes made by the screws with Elmer’s Wood Filler (this step is important because your piece will look much nicer without screws and holes showing).
This step is also easy!  Just squeeze a bit of wood filler in each hole…
then, pack and smooth.  If the filler is not flush you can sand it down with a light grit sand paper.
and here we are!  Now remember these are just the two bottom bases that go on either side of the TV stand.  The total cost for these together was $42.  It took me 30 mintues at Home Depot and 45 minutes to build each cabinet.  NOT BAD!!!  Ana also provides plans to add drawers inside of these cabinets but I am going to wait until the entire system is built before I decide if I will add the drawers.  Stop by next week as I try to tackle the media stand that goes between these ginormous bases.  I can’t wait!!!
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  1. That will be perfect in your gameroom! I saw her blog the other day and was wondering how easy it really was. Glad you're showing the step by step project! Can't wait to see it finished! Y'all are awesome!

  2. Oh my gosh! This is fabulous! I love the Pottery Barn but I hate the prices – so this is great! I'm am so excited to see your completed project. Great Job! Love your blog!

  3. THANK YOU! I was researching toy storage and came across this PB knock off at Walmart, but it's still a bit pricey for me. I am so going to make these too!

  4. So far, we have built a coffee table, end table, and two nightstands using Ana's plans! This is going to be our next project. It looks super easy, and will look awesome in our daughters room! I can't wait to see how yours turns out!! 🙂

  5. I just found her blog in the past couple weeks and I am in heaven. Haven't made anything yet, but Home Depot watch out because I'm coming there soon!

  6. Ashley,

    Great job so far! Looking forward to seeing your progress. Thank you for sharing Ana's blog. I will check it out.


  7. Oh crap, why did I read about this blog right before I need to head out? I can tell I'm going to be spending a lot of time looking through these projects when I get home – thanks for sharing!

  8. I have checked out her blog but thought it would be hard. Now I know differently. I am going to have to try this. I love the storage system and yes have always drooled over them but could not afford them. :o)

  9. I found Ana's website recently too and totally fell in love but felt SOOOO overwhelmed! Thank you so much for sharing this project. Now I feel like I can do it. Can't wait to see the finished project!

  10. That is so FREAKING awesome! I love it. I will have to bookmark this and do it during the summertime or spring when I can work in the garage (Too cold here right now).

    I can't wait to see the rest of it (BTW I totally LOVE that Pottery Barn stuff).


  11. Ashley – Okay I knew you all could do it all but wow you have surpassed my expectations. I have been making a list of items on Ana's blog to have hubby make but maybe with your help I can do it myself. I didn't know that home depot will cut the wood. Wow the possibilities are endless. I want to build the bed with canopy.

  12. I've seen her blog & it's fabulous. Now that I see how easy it looks I just may have to try something. Thanks – it's looking good.