Hey guys!

I have a fun and super easy way to get expensive looking curtains and panels without having to drag out your sewing machine.  I just made these for my little girl’s room and I LOVE them!

No Sew Curtains

First, let’s talk fabric!

I found the most amazing online fabric store!  Not only are their prices the best, they have an awesome selection!  I am an immediate gratification kind of gal, so when the shipping was fast, I was sold!  It’s called OnlineFabricStore.net !

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 10.10.06 AM

Totally LOVE this store!  Remember the cute magnet board I made for her room??

DIY Magnetic Board

Yup!  I got that cute chevron fabric from OnlineFabricStore.net as well!  You can find it HERE!

I found this great fabric for her window panels!

Curtains No Sew

These panels are a great way to get custom drapes that only require about a yard of fabric!  That allows you to splurge a bit more on the price of fabric since you only need 1 yard instead of 6… Woohoo!

I started with this drop cloth from Lowe’s!

Lowe's Drop Cloth

I always start by cutting this drop cloth in half.  That gives you two panels, both with 3 already finished sides… Woohoo!


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  1. Seriously, what’s with the grammar police and impatience patrol on here???#@$%^&* You are doing a fabulous job, it’s your page, your creativity and you gift to US. I just want to say thank you for the great ideas, and please rock on with your creativity, your great style, and as many !!!!!’s as suits you 😉

  2. Hi! Is that just a cotton fabric that you used for the bottom or did you use one of the heavier decor fabrics?

  3. This is a great post and definitely a diy I can actually do. But the exclamation points after every.single.sentence is a bit much.

    1. Wow! One of the nicest comments I have ever received! So awesome that you took the time out of your day to be so friendly! Hope you have a happy day!! Clearly you are off to a great start!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-))!!!!

  4. Thanks for getting the pop ups removed. I have made curtains just like this for my dining room. I had purchased pre-made drapes but they needed another 30 ” to reach the floor. I purchased coordinating fabric and used this same method to attach my fabric. So very easy.That was 4 years ago and I still love them. They are holding up perfectly. So if anyone is concerned about the durability, fear not. Stitch-Wtichery works great! Thanks for sharing the tutorial. Your daughter’s curtains are precious.

  5. I am making drapes from these for my mom. She is loving the ones I completed already. Thanks for the great suggestions and savings.

  6. I’m curious why you chose a drop cloth for curtains….ingenious idea! I don’t have a sewing machine but figure I could manage to do that for a change of scenery in my living room Thanks for the great tip!

  7. This is pretty much awesome! I DO NOT sew and I have been needing some drapes in a few rooms so you have just solved my problems. I think I’ll try out this curtain trick this weekend! Thanks!

  8. All the pop ups and ads make your site very slow to load. I understand wanting to make money, but the slowness and pop ups are incredibly annoying and have me clicking on your site less and less.

      1. Awesome! Now I love it even more… I have awful curtains in my spare bedroom… this motivates me to do something cool… thanks! 🙂

          1. I will – hoping that I win the $100 for free fabric… then it would make the curtains even more amahhhzzzing… lol Thanks for the idea.