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I used yesterday’s disgusting temperatures as an excuse to stay inside and get an indoor project done.  I recently made the cubby systems for the baby’s room and for the playroom.  I bookmarked a fab idea I saw on another blog a while back and have been waiting to copy since.  I got the playroom finished and here is how they turned out…

I’ve  got to give a BIG shout out to Amy from Positively Splendid for this very splendid idea!

 She posted hers a while back and I have been stashing diaper boxes since!  Yep… Diaper boxes!

I used Amy’s directions almost to a T.  I only changed a few things so I wouldn’t have to sew.

I cut my box flaps off.

I decided I would cover my boxes with drop cloth because I happened to have one handy.  Mine was the smallest one that Lowe’s sells.  It is 4×5 and it is $5.  I cut the 5′ side in half and each piece covered one box.  I used 2 drop cloths for the 4 boxes.

I put my box on the canvas and copied Amy’s directions.  I used “old trusty” (my hot glue gun) to do all the work.  Just pencil a line at about 45 degrees and make 2 straight lines from there.  I eyeballed the whole thing.

Once you cut both long sides, just fold over and use hot glue to hold the fold.

Then hot glue it to the side of the box…

Once I did both long sidesI attached the smaller sides the same way.

Here is the top edge… Shanty I know but it will be covered and nobody has to know 😉

Next, I worked on my top band of fabric.  Amy made super cute liners but I had no desire to whip out the sewing machine.  I improvised and just did a fabric band at the top.  I cut my fabric in 8″ thick strips.  I made sure they were long enough to fit around the whole box.

I folded both ends of my fabric to center.  Then, I pressed it together to make a binding like this.

Now let your hot glue gun do the rest!  I just used mind to attach it to my top.  I glued the outside first.

Once I had the outside attached, I glued the inside.

And that’s it… Almost.

I wanted to number them, so I made #’s 1-4 with my Silhouette on contact paper.  Then, I just attached the stencils to the box.

I used a little red acrylic paint on a stencil brush to fill it in.

And I was done!  So easy.  Now… I do realize that the inside looks a bit like a diaper box.  For these boxes that will go in the playroom I am totally fine with that.  The legos going inside of it don’t mind.  For the baby’s room I will probably make some liners.  Here they are in their new place.

What do you think??  Thanks again Miss Amy for the splendid idea!  I was so glad to finally have enough boxes stashed up to finish this set.  I am currently collecting for the baby’s room… Shouldn’t take long ;-)!

Hope you like them!   My total investment….

Diaper boxes – Free

Drop Cloths – $10

Fabric – $4 at Hobby Lobby

Yep… That’s $14 for 4 boxes.  Now that’s my kind of shanty!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  We are excited about a few things we have coming up this weekend and we will be back later this weekend to share!  Take care and thanks again!

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  1. Okay so I’ve seen fabric covered boxes on the web for a while but am totally too LAZY to drag out my machine to sew those things….THANK YOU for feeding to my lazy side and showing me how to do with sans machine!! Too cute! And I think they look just fine w/o a liner!! Exactly what i’d have done!!! Pinning it!

  2. This is SUCH a brilliant idea!! I recently went shopping for more cute storage boxes and was shocked at how expensive they were!!! Even at Target! I can’t wait to make my own 😀