Hey guys!!

I just replaced my old barstools with some new metal ones that I LOVE.  I was happy to see the old ones go!  When deciding who to give my old barstools to, I had a bit of an epiphany.  Love those.

I knew my oldest two girls were in need of a desk so I decided to turn these 2 shanties into something CHIC!

Let me tell you…

This is a building project that requires very little building skill… Woohoo!

I got my old barstools here on Amazon over a year ago. $29 a pop.  You could also make a great desk using stools like these from Target.

I started by spray painting the stools.  This is the color I chose…

Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch in Berry Pink

While that was drying I cut some planks from a furring strip for my shelves.  Mine were all 15 3/4″.   I stained them with Rust-Oleum Ultimate wood stain in Dark Walnut… I know.  Shock. 😉

After my stools dried I attached them with nails like this.

For the top I used a 20×48″ pine project panel for the top.  You can get these at Lowe’s in several different sizes to fit your space.  Mine was $16.  I stained it and let it dry.

Then, I laid the barstools upside down on my top like this and used 1 3/4″ wood screws to attach the stools to the top.

That’s it!  Pretty darn simple, huh?? And cost for me??? $18!! Woohoo! My kind of desk! Shanty to oh so CHIC!  Here are a few more pictures!

Thank you so much for stopping by!!

Here are just a few more goodies I have made for the girls’ room!

Shanty Memo Frame!

DIY $20 Platform Bed

I would love for you to share and pin their desk below!! Have  a great weekend!! 😉


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  1. Hello! Thank you for the inspiration, I’m writing to ask about the Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch pink spray paint. I recently repainted my nightstands and I used regular ol’ Valspar paint and a sponge. It was long and tedious, two coats, three on top, and took forever to dry. Can you tell me why you chose the spray paint route? Thanks!

  2. Absolutely awesome! Great job! Now I’m dying to find some old bar stools!

    I’m visiting from OneCreativeMommy.com

    1. I found them on Overstock.com. They were 2 for $79 with free shipping. These are the new barstools in my kitchen and I love them! The brand is Tabouret. Hope this helps!

  3. Perfect idea! Absolutely fabulous way to repurpose them. Now, I’ll be looking for some that shape and size!

  4. Brilliant idea! I have those stools too! I haven’t replaced them yet but when I do a desk might be the perfect use for them.

  5. I LOVE this, I think re-purposing is the greatest thing! This turned out so cute! I love the cute yellow box as well! Thanks for the inspiration!