I LOVE LOVE how cute this project turned out friends!  If there is one thing that I always need more of at my house, it’s storage!  We built this house with three children, and then we added 3 more.  Just about every room has been turned into a bedroom (literally), and I am constantly trying to build things that not only utilize what space I do have, but also pieces that hold all the things.  I think today’s DIY modern farmhouse cabinet does just that!  I previously built a sideboard to hold lots of white dishes.  The size was perfect for this space, but have found over the years that I wasn’t using close to as many dishes as I had collected (#hoarder), so I decided to prioritize.  I kept the dishes I used most and moved them to the open shelving, and designed this piece to now hold my craft stuff.  I keep my Cricut in here as well as all my vinyl, leather and other goodies.  It’s my dream come true!  Check out how pretty it turned out!

DIY Modern Farmhouse Cabinet

DIY Modern Farmhouse Cabinet

Before we get started, be sure to download and print the FREE PLANS by clicking HERE!

The majority of this piece uses hardwood plywood.  What the heck is that?  Good question!  Hardwood plywood is plywood that comes in 4′ x 8′ sheets and s0me smaller sizes.  Our very favorite brand to use is Purebond Plywood.  You can find it at Home Depot.  The outside layer of the plywood is a hardwood veneer like oak or birch. So, you get the look of a hardwood at the cost of plywood.  Can’t beat that people!  Plus, it’s super straight making it easy to work with which makes me happy!

The plywood sheets are big, and often impossible to fit into your car… Especially when you have 6 kids in the back 😉  We like to have Home Depot make the rip cuts for us in order to get it in the car at home.

DIY Modern Farmhouse Cabinet

Home Depot cut wood

Once I had it home, I made most of my other cuts using Kreg’s Circular Saw Guide.

This is a really cool attachment that fits onto your circular saw.  You can adjust it to make straight cuts at certain measurements.  It’s very accurate and easy to use.

Kreg Rip Cut

Really this build is very simple.  It’s big… But, simple. You build the box of the sideboard first, and then add the trim and the doors.  For the box, I used my Kreg Jig.  Here is our very favorite model.  You will thank us for suggesting it!

Kreg Jig K5 Model

I used 3/4″ pocket holes and 1.25″ pocket hole screws for all of my joints.  I also used a line of wood glue on each joint.  You can see below my placement of the pocket holes.  Check out the coolest glue tool ever!  This thing makes gluing so easy!

 Shelves of console table

Build a console table using a Kreg Jig

Buffet Table How To

I also decided to add a small piece in the middle to serve as a brace for the weight to keep it from sagging.  I plan to fill this baby up with dishes!  I did this by cutting a small piece of the plywood and attaching it with wood glue and pocket hole screws.

Console table base

You will use a drill with the Kreg bit to attach all of these screws.  The bit is included with the Kreg Jig.  I used my Ryobi 18V One+ drill for mine.  WE LOVE THIS DRILL.  It’s the perfect size and has a ton of power.  I actually have 2 to keep me from switching bits… #lazygirlprobs 😉

Attaching shelves of buffet

Once you have the entire box assembled you will add your trim pieces. I used my brad nailer for this part.

Gorilla Wood Glue

Ryobi 16G Finish Nailer

Building the front of the buffet table

The base of my sideboard looked like this….

bottom of buffet table

And it’s framed!

How to build a buffet table

Next, I built and attached the planked top.  I created the plank top by using 3/4″ pocket holes down 4 of my 5 boards.  Then, I used 1.25″ pocket hole screws through those to attach it all.

Plank top Buffet Table

Before attaching it to the top I added a bunch of wood glue to the top of my sideboard.  I had a little fun with this part…

Wood glue for the top of the buffet

To attach the top, I used my Kreg bar clamps.  I love easy bar clamps.  These are so awesome… They are self adjusting and easy to use.   I used mine to hold the top in place while I used the finish nailer to attach the top with 1.25″ finish nails.

Kreg Bar Clamp

To create the doors, I used my Kreg Jig as well.  I made the pocket holes on my shorter pieces and attached them to the longer ones using 1.25″ pocket hole screws.

Although we give you guys the cuts for these doors, I always like to measure the opening before making the cuts to be sure on the size.  I like to make the doors 1/8″ smaller all around, which would be 1/4″ smaller than the width and height of each opening.  For the doors, you will have 4 longer pieces without pocket holes like this.

long door pieces

You will also have 4 smaller pieces each with pocket holes on both ends like  this.

short door pieces

I attached these pieces using wood glue and 1.25″ pocket holes screws  to create rectangles.

building cabinet doors

Each door looks like this!

Door Frame for Coffee Cabinet

DIY Modern Farmhouse Cabinet

At this point I attached the backs of each door.  This is 1/4″ hardwood plywood cut to size. Attach it to the back of each door frame using wood glue and 1/2″ staples or nails.

DIY Modern Farmhouse Cabinet

Now to create the cute trim!  I used 1/4″ thick craft boards for this part.  You can find these in the lumber section by other trim boards, and they are usually stacked flat close to the floor.

DIY Modern Farmhouse Cabinet

I cut mine to size and attached them to the front of the 1/4″ plywood using wood glue and 1/2″ pin nails.

DIY Modern Farmhouse Cabinet

Final step before hardware was paint!  I used Seine by Valspar for this console.  I LOVE this color so much!  Such a great deep grey!

DIY Modern Farmhouse Cabinet

Now let’s talk about all that cute hardware!


I found the door locks HERE!

I found the AMAZING metal pulls HERE!

I found the black clavos on the doors HERE!

You can find great strap hinges HERE!

Don’t you love it?!  Here she is again… So pretty and so full of stuff 😉

DIY Modern Farmhouse Cabinet

DIY Modern Farmhouse Cabinet

DIY Modern Farmhouse Cabinet

DIY Modern Farmhouse Cabinet

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  1. I read the measurements were off for doors. Can anyone tell me if they build this and was successful please and thank you.

    1. I’m finishing this project right now and the measurements in the pictures toward the bottom are off but the measurements up top with all the cuts and diagrams of where to drill pocket holes are correct so go off those

    1. I tried to get the metal pulls from the link and it popped up barn doors. Can you link to them for me please? I love all your videos and ideas. Thank you

  2. Love your wall paint! Can you please tell me the color? We just bought a house and I’m having a hard time finding the right shade for my walls. Thanks!

  3. Just an FYI for anyone planning to build this.

    The measurements in the “Build the Doors!” section of the plans do NOT make the correct size doors for this project. The plans make a 21″ wide door which is to wide.

  4. Miss your videos! What happened?? You guys are the best! I get a lot of ideas & confidence from watching you two! Great job ladies!!