Hey friends!  As many of you know, Ash and I just moved into our new office and we have been fixing it up week by week.  We had a big blank white wall that needed a little something, so we decided to shanty it up a bit!  Check out our DIY Rustic Modern Plank Wall!

How fun is that?  We love the mix of the woods!  Not only did we mix thicknesses, but we also mixed finishes and depths!  This is a great way to plank a larger wall without having to plank the entire length of the wall.

Want to see how we did it??  Come check out our video HERE or below!

To do this wall, you’re going to need a few things.  I’ve linked to the ones we used and also given you some other options below!  Just click the links!


Caulk Gun –

HERE is a really inexpensive and reliable option!

Construction Adhesive – This is the product we used and LOVE.  I have used it on many projects.  One of my favorite things about it is how it grabs the wood and helps hold it to the wall while you nail it.

Brad Nailer

We used a cordless nailer on the wall.

If a cordless or pneumatic nailer is out of your budget, here is another great and super inexpensive alternative!

Miter Saw

Check out the price and reviews on this miter saw!  This thing will build just about every project on our website… Including this wall!

We walk you through the entire project in the video, but here are a few reminders and tips!

  • Try to move your seams as you attach each row where they won’t line up with each other
  • With each new line, change the color and thickness of the wood to add variation

I’ve linked below to the wood we used for our wall, but have fun with it!  Get rid of your scrap pile and put it on a wall 🙂

Reclaimed Designworks Mixed Softwood

Porter Barnwood White Wood

Weaber Weathered Wood

Weaber Nantucket Grey

Thanks so much for stopping by guys!!  We hope you love the DIY Rustic Modern Plank Wall!

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