Happy Friday!!!  I’m just going to cut to the chase and show you what I’ve been busy with!

DIY-Storage-BedAhhhh!  I LOVE this bed!  It’s my daughters’ big girl bed!  I am seriously in LOVE with her room too.  It’s the smallest of the 3 kids rooms but it has so much character with the ceiling angles and little cubby areas that our dad was able to create during our build.  I was super excited to get started on her room and this was the first of many projects to come 🙂

I snagged the plans for this bed from Ana’s site but, because her room is a tad small, I really wanted a bed that made great use of her space so I opted to modify the plans to fit a twin mattress.  I also added casing around each drawer to make it a little fancy 😉

Here are some of the modifications and steps that I took to get our little lady her one-of-a-kind-bed!


footboard-panel-measurmentsTo start, I cut the headboard and footboard panels down to 32″ (I kept the height of the bed the same as the plans).  I used Purebond Plywood for the majority of this bed! You can have your local hardware store rip these panels down for you if you don’t have a saw 🙂 You can see in the pictures above that I circled where I drilled my Kreg Jig Pocket holes.

front-of-headboard-and-footboardI flipped them over and added the 1×4 boards (also 32″).  I attached them with wood glue and my brad nailer.

ridgid-miter-sawI used my Ridgid 12″ sliding compound miter saw to cut through these 4×4’s.  Don’t worry, if you don’t have a saw, you can have your hardware store make these cuts as well!

completed-headboardHere is the headboard complete!

completed-footboardAnd the footboard 🙂

base-measurmentsNow for the base with drawers!  I modified the length of the bases to 75 1/4″.  To add the dividers just measure 25 3/4″ from each end.  I attached these with Kreg Jig pocket holes and 1 1/4″ screws.

completed-baseThis is the top attached.

install-drawersNow for drawers 🙂 The length of the drawers are about 23″ but it’s best to measure and cut as you go!  You can check out my very detailed tutorial for installing the drawers HERE!

miter-casingNow for the pretty casing!!!!  I used my saw to cut all of the casing at 45 degree angles.

attach-casing-with-nailersThen, I used wood glue and 5/8″ finishing nails to nail casing around each drawer.

completed-casingYou can see that the casing is all flush with the top and bottom of the bases.  The ends are also flush and for the center drawers, you can see that I lined the casing up with the middle dividers.

I gave every piece of the bed two coats of cream latex paint and took the pieces in the room before I attached them together.

attach-bases-to-bedI used my Impact Driver to attach the bases to the headboard and footboard.  You can also use a drill but the impact driver is my new best friend!!  It is great for driving into larger pieces of wood, like the 4×4’s on this bed, because it is hammering as it drills – saves my arms 😉

Storage-Bed-DIYI added some pretty handles and that was it 🙂 Curious about the bedding???  I purchased the white quilt and sham from Pottery Barn and then found a great deal on the green quilt and sham at Homegoods ($29).  I wanted a pop of navy and scored the two navy pillows at Target ($15 each – they are outdoor but oh so cute)!

completed-bedWe may have put her toddler mattress on top for a few nights while we waited for the new mattress 😉


DIY-Storage-BedThis bed is the perfect space-saver for any room!  The drawers are massive and while the bed did run about $350, she really has a large 6 drawer dresser and a bed in one!  That’s a lot of storage and bang for my buck!  The headboard and footboard are definitely for beginners while the drawers are more advanced but, be sure to check back for my tutorial on installing drawer slides!

Do you love how her room is coming along?  You can see the paint color choices for this room HERE!

And, make sure to check out some other pieces that I have built for our new house!  The list continues to grow!!!!


DIY-Platform-Bed-on-WheelsBarn Door Headboard

DIY-Round-Table1Kitchen Table

Industrial-Pipe-Plate-Rack-DIYIndustrial Pipe Shelving

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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  1. Fascinating! If interesting in looking for a place to buy already made hidden beds, murphy beds, and storage beds, check out Lift and Stor!

  2. Could you send me a cut/wood list for this? I would like to make this for a friend and need a wood/cut list 🙂

  3. The bed came out great and I’m ready to assemble. One question about the 2×2 cleats running the length of the boxes, how did you secure those cleats to the boxes? Are they only screwed into the vertical dividers in the boxes? Thank you again!

    1. Good question! Yes, that’s what I ended up doing because the back of the boxes was so thin.

  4. Beautiful! I love it! I’m curious to know if your $350 price tag included the bedding? I want to build this for my daughter but we already have all of the trimmings so I’m just wondering about the lumber cost. Also, how deep are your 75 1/4″ drawer box bases? Last one – how tall are the pieces for the drawer boxes that are 24 3/4″ apart? Thanks so much for sharing!!

  5. If you didn’t cover the edges of the boxes with molding would you recommend edge banding the exposed ends of the plywood around the drawers?

    1. Hey Jeff! If I was painting it, I would sand the endges really good with a 50-grit (or 80) and paint over. If I was staining it, I would use the edge banding! If you are unsure of which one to do, try sanding a scrap piece and paint it to see if you like it. Hope this helps 🙂

      1. Wow thanks for the prompt reply! I will try the scrap first method. Thank you for the great pictures and descriptions of this build.

  6. Beautiful job! I haven’t seen one build you have completed that I haven’t been in love with. Thanks in advance for posting the drawer slide tutorial.

  7. I am so absolutely awed and impressed with the quality and design of the furniture. You knock my socks off!

  8. I love this bed! I have been planning on making a king size version of this for ages, just haven’t be able to carve out the time! Is this adapted from her Farmhouse Bed?

  9. i would love to make this for my daughter what are the measurements for the drawers? turned out so nice