I loathe my laundry room:(  It needs serious attention.  I saw this DIY Washer/Dryer Pedestal on Ana’s site and thought that would give me the motivation to make-over my laundry room!  I will share my sadly neglected laundry room pics with you in my reveal because today it’s all about the pedestal!

I didn’t make any modifications to the plans.  I started by framing out two “floors”.  I used wood screws and Gorilla Glue Wood Glue for all joining pieces.  (Make sure to pre-drill!)

After building the floors, I attached 4×4 posts to each corner for the legs. 

I did not use the optional metal brackets because I couldn’t find the right size.  I did counter-sink the screws at an angle and I used a TON of Gorilla Glue Wood Glue!

This is an upside down view of the top of the pedestal.

I attached the “bottom” floor to the legs using the same steps as above.  What you are seeing is two floors framed with 2×4’s and 3/4″ MDF for the actual “floor”.

Here it is flipped upright.  Yes, it is HEAVY!!!!

I tried my hand at a little mitering…..

Let’s just say that I FINALLY figured it out after another trip to Home Depot for another 8′ piece of trim.  Small price to pay for a greater knowledge of the miter saw….at least that’s what I am telling myself;)

Tada!  Please excuse the garage.  I’m a messy builder!  My only thought after I constructed this sucker was ‘how the heck am I gonna get’er under the washer and dryer’…pretty sure that’s NOT gonna be without my hubby;)

I’ll be back later with my laundry room reveal pics but while you’re here check out Whitney’s laundry room.  Super Cute!  Also, it’s not to late to enter the Silhouette Giveaway.  You can get all the details and enter HERE!

Thanks so much for stopping by:)

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    1. ???✨??I built this myself and it turned out so beautifully! SO excited! I used the plans at WoodworkPlans.info to build mine – I highly recommend you visit that website and check their plans out too. They are detailed and super easy to read and understand unlike several others I found online. The amount of plans there is mind-boggling… there’s like 16,000 plans or something like that for tons of different projects. Definitely enough to keep me busy with projects for many more years to come ha

      Check it out at www. WoodworkPlans.info – click the pink link above for some more plans! Best of luck on your building adventures!

  1. I LOVE this! Those pedestals are SO expensive! Good for you to to find a Thrifty way around it! I’d love for you to come link up this and any other projects you have at DIY Thrifty Thursday @ Thrifty 101! http://thrifty101.blogspot.com/2011/05/diy-thrifty-thursday-14.html

  2. Great job! I’m feeling inspired to build one of my own! Can’t wait to see your whole laundry room finished!

  3. Visiting from FJI. Nice Work! Can’t wait to see your laundry room reveal. I can surely use some inspiration.

  4. I am impressed with your mad skills with power tools. Wow!! I bet your laundry room is better then mine. I just have a closet laundry area!! Great job!!!

    1. Thank you Maridith:) My laundry room is not a closet area but it’s small…it’s just a little walk-through off of the garage. I wish I had room for a storage system so bad!!!! I am trying to make the most of it though;) Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. I can’t wait to see the end result and I love the gorilla glue bit, it really helps keep everything nice and tight. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  6. Wow! Way to go. I applaud you for tackling this not-small project. We’ll be watching for the final photos!

  7. You inspire me and cause me to feel a tiny bit guilty for spending too much money on store bought things rather than making them myself. I am perfectly capable and I’m going to do better!

  8. AWESOME!!!!! You did a great job!

    I did one too over here-http://www.iheartmygluegun.com/2011/03/our-laundry-room.html


      1. I DO love it, especially in that closet-of-a-laundry room! Oh well, you have to make do with whatcha got! 🙂