We had such a fun time having on our talented friend, Jen Woodhouse from The House of Wood  come share her tips and tricks for TIG welding. We also teamed up with Lincoln Electric to try out their new 140 MP Multi-Process Welding Machine and we caught it all on camera!  We shared that on our last video, and today we want to show you guys how we built the wood and metal coffee table! The two best things about this table… The top is made with 1 sheet of Purebond Plywood and the base can be modified if you don’t work with wood!

Build furniture with plywood??

The thought of building a beautiful piece of furniture with plywood may sound a bit strange.  It did to us as well!  That was until we learned about PureBond Plywood.

PureBond Plywood can be found at any Home Depot.

When we first learned of their great products years ago, these are the things that sold us on it then and why we still love it today!

~ It uses Formaldehyde-free glue (scary to think we of breathing in harmful chemicals)

~ It’s made in AMERICA… Whoop!!!

~ It’s made with wood from sustainable forests

~ It’s extremely easy to work with

~ Biggest selling point for us… It’s BEAUTIFUL!  You get the look of real hard wood for a fraction of the cost.  Home Depot stocks birch and oak.  You can also order hickory, maple, you name it and have it delivered to your store… Love that!

So after learning the benefits of PureBond Plywood, we will never go back.  It’s such an obvious choice and it fits quite nicely in our shanty budgets!

Our partner in crime…

Meet Jen Woodhouse! She made the trip to our workshop and helped us construct the base of this table. She is the designer behind this coffee table, and left us with her plans to build the top! We sent her back home and got to work!

Shanty2Chic and Jen Woodhouse

Building the coffee table

We made all of our cuts on our wood using a table saw. I had the guys at Home Depot rip the large 4×8 sheet down to long boards I could fit in my car, and then I made the individual cuts using the table saw and miter saw.

For the pocket holes, we used our Kreg Jig K5 model. It’s the BEST!

After making all of our pocket holes, we started attaching. Use wood glue and 1.25″ pocket hole screws to attach the sides and center divider to the top of the coffee table.

Attach sides of coffee table
Attach back side of coffee table
Attach middle runner of coffee table

Build the Drawers

Once those sides are attached, build the drawers. This will make attaching the drawer slides super easy since we haven’t attached the base piece of the coffee table box yet.

The drawers are boxes made from 3/4″ plywood with 1/4″ plywood bases.

Build the boxes first by attaching corners with wood glue and 1.25″ brad nails.

Build boxes for drawers

Once the boxes are built, attach the bases of each using a stapler or nailer and wood glue.

Now attach your drawer slides. Be sure to watch the video for some tips to make this super easy! We used THESE DRAWER SLIDES.

Attach drawer slides
Attach drawers to slides

Once the drawers are attached, it’s time to add your table base. This is attached using wood glue and 1.25″ Spax or wood screws through the base and into the table top.

Attach base using wood glue and screws

Add the drawer faces last! Cut them to size and attach using wood glue and nails. You can use just a couple nails on the front and then put more on the inside of the drawer to have minimal nail holes.

Attach drawer faces

We covered all of the exposed plywood edges with edge banding material. You can get this HERE. It glues on using a hot iron and gives the table a clean finished look.

Edge Banding

The Finish…

We finished the entire wood part of the table using this stain.

We used these drawer pulls for the front of the table

And here she is looking pretty!

DIY Wood and Metal Coffee Table
Wood and Metal Coffee Table DIY


Go get the free plans that Jen created for this cute table HERE!


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