It’s that time!  We are so excited to give you all the opportunity to win your very own Dremel Trio!

I shared the Shanty Cupcake Tower I made with mine yesterday!

This is one of my favorite tools that I have ever owned!  The instructions are very simple and easy to understand, assembly is quick and it cuts so smooth!  I mentioned that it allowed me to cut 3 circles in about 10 minutes!

Here are a few other exciting features you will get with the Dremel Trio:

~ Not only will it rout, it cuts and sands too!

~ It will cut multiple materials including wood, plastic, drywall, sheet metal, wall tile and more without switching tools!

~  The Trio has a 360-degree cutting technology and plunge-cut ability allows users to make quick and controlled cuts, while its unique, 90-degree pivoting handle facilitates added control, comfort and accuracy.

My absolute favorite feature is that you can start cutting anywhere on a surface with the plunge cut feature!  It drills a pilot hole and you’re good to go!  I also LOVE the attachment that cuts perfect circles!!

That’s a whole lot of bang for $79!

Now for the giveaway!

~Leave a comment here letting us know how you plan to use the Dremel Trio

~Follow Dremel on Facebook HERE (come back and let us know you liked them)

~Pin this post! (come back and tell us you pinned it)

That will be 3 entries:)  Good Luck!  On your marks, get set….GO!

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  1. My son always comes up with such awesome creative projects. We are often limited by the tools available to us. This would help us bring those ideas to life, without hampering the creativity!! 🙂

  2. My husband would actually love this. And it’d probably be helpful with all the furniture that I want him to make for our home!

  3. I would love to have tools that are just mine and not my husbands.This dremel would be a great start

  4. Ohhh…the things I would do with the Dremel are limitless! The crafty things I am imagining make me dizzy! I might even let Mr. B borrow it…once!

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