Merry Christmas friends!  We are just a few days away!  Today we are sharing a fun wrap up of the year!  You can see the whole blooper reel HERE or below!

Also, you may have seen the new artwork I made and shared on Instagram HERE!

I used our Mod Podge transfer technique to make it!  You can see the video on how to do that HERE.  I made this a free printable for you guys too!  The larger size is 24×36, which is what I used to create mine.  You can have it printed at Staples as an engineer print.  If they try to tell you it won’t work well, just tell them you are messing it up anyway!  AND, don’t forget to use the flipped file if you are doing a transfer.  The other is just a poster.  And, for those of you that want to frame it and put it on a table, I also made it available as an 8×10.  Just click the links below to save yours!

Family Printable – 24 x 36

Flipped Family Printable – 24 x 36

Family Printable – 8 x 10

Also, HERE is the link to the blanket ladder plans!

Merry CHRISTmas!  We love you all and we are so thankful for the support you show us daily.

Whitney and Ashley


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  1. Has anyone found the correct links? I really want the flipped printable, but it brings up the 8X10 printable.

  2. Hey guys! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. I wanted you to know that the link for this project isn’t correct. It takes you to the ladder tutorial.

  3. Agree–I LOVE this project and would like to do it over Christmas. Are you able to include the flipped image? Thank you!!

  4. Super excited to give this a go next week. The “flipped” image isnt flipped though 🙁 Thank you for everything that you guys do!!

  5. The links on this page are not working. The video for the mod podge is showing the ladder tutorial and the flipped picture link isn’t flipped?? Live all your stuff by the way. Thank you.