Hey everyone!  I’m back with another house update and this one is super fun!  Paint color choices!  I had fun with this one because it is not permanent!  If you follow us on Instagram, you probably saw a little sneak peak of one of the rooms.  It’s always tough to pick paint colors and it would have been so helpful if I had room images of all of my paint choices.  So, in an effort to help all of you paint shoppers, I am sharing mine 🙂

I went to Lowe’s and picked out Valspar for all of our interior and exterior paints.  For the interior, I chose Valspar Signature with the paint and primer in one and it looks great!! (I chose satin so that I could wipe the walls clean – two teenage boys and a toddler can do some major wall damage 😉 ) For the exterior, I went with Valspar Duramax, also a paint and primer in one and chose eggshell for the sheen.

Valspar-Fairmont-Penthouse-StoneSo, all of the rooms in the house minus the bedrooms will be this yummy neutral – Fairmont Penthouse Stone.  It’s a perfect “greige” and it is so warm feeling without darkening a room.

Fairmont-Penthouse-StoneHere’s another shot of it in our entry.

Seine-ValsparNow one of my FAVORITE choices is Seine!  I liked it so much that it is in one of our boys rooms…

Valspar-Seineand our master.  The hubs liked it so much that he chose it for his study!  Since it is a darker color, I opted to paint the ceilings with Ivory Lace.  We also had all of our oil-based trim paint tinted to match Ivory Lace.

Valspar-Coastal-VillaWe also used it on the exterior to trim our roof line and around our windows.  The lighter color in this pic (on the staggered edge siding) is Coastal Villa.  It’s a great compliment to Seine.

Valspar-Rugged-SuedeFor our other boys bedroom, we chose Rugged Suede.  It ended up looking very similar to Seine once it was on the walls but it has more of a navy, smokey color.  A great color for a teenage boy!

Blue-Whisper-ValsparFor our daughters room, we chose Blue Whisper and I just LOVE it!

That’s all I have for now!  Things are moving super fast and I’ll have so much for to share with you soon!

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Wow-what wonderful color coordination. I must show these to my wife. I’ve learned over the years that ladies are natural color coordinators. Early in our marriage, I tried to throw some weight and pick colors for our house. Boy did that turn out disastrous. I totally regretted the finished job (I’m sure she did too). You just can’t beat the ladies when it comes to matching colors.

  2. Ashley, I love how you did the walls and the ceilings. Do you think this will look as amazing on ceilings are not as high as your ceiling? I really love the look!!