Learn how to cut a wood circle with a circular saw! This is an easy technique that will cut a perfect circle with smooth edges quick! Follow the step-by-step instructions for cutting circles fast!

Ryobi is running a huge sale, now through the middle of July! If you purchase one of two battery/charger kits you get to pick a tool for free! This is a great way to stock up on batteries and add to your tool collection. Did you know you can cut a circle any size with just a circular saw? Check out our how-to video on Instagram to see how we built this cute round table with just a circular saw and a drill.

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How to Cut a Circle with a Circular Saw



Follow the step-by-step instructions below to cut your own wood circle!

There are so many ways to cut a wood circle. I’ve used a plunge router and a jigsaw but I’ve never used a circular saw for anything other than ripping and crosscuts! Who knew a circular saw could cut curves? With the huge Ryobi sale going on, I snagged a free circular saw with my batter/charger kit purchase. I decided to try my hand at cutting a circle with my new circular saw.

Step 1: Cut a Square

I clamped a scrap 1×6 board on top of my project panel, to my workbench, to cut a 16″ square with my circular saw.

Step 2:

Next, I attached the 8″ scrap wood to the center of the 16″ square piece. I marked center on both boards and drilled a 1″ wood screw from the top of the scrap board into the square, below. This will be the pivot point for the saw guide.

Step 3:

Attach the circular saw to the 10″ scrap board with a 3/4″ wood screw. The saw blade should rest flat against the straight edge of the scrap board and the square and the center screw should be attached at the radius of the circle you want to cut.

I attached one screw at the front of the saw.

Then, I attached another screw at the back of the saw.

Step 4:

Set the depth of the blade to cut only 1/4″ into the square board. Pull up the blade guard to flush the teeth to the boards.

Step 5:

Hold the trigger so the blade is at full speed. Cut with the circular saw just like you’re making straight cuts but follow along with the guide.

Step 6:

Once you make the first pass to cut a full circle, that is only 1/4″ deep into the square, drop the blade teeth another 1/4″ and make a second full pass.

Step 7:

After the second pass, drop the circular saw blade another 1/4″ to cut the full circle on the third pass.

Now, you have a smooth wood circle ready for some DIY projects!

How to Build a Round Side Table

I decided to use my fresh cut circle to build a DIY Round Side Table. It was so quick and easy!

Step 1:

I applied one coat of stain and finish to both sides and the edges of the circle.

Step 2:

Once the stain and finish were dry, I attached 4 hairpin legs to the bottom of the table. I flipped the board to the good side, the side without the screw hole.

That was it! An easy DIY Round Side Table that I built with just two tools!

Cutting a wood circle with my circular saw was such a quick and easy technique! You can cut any diameter circle that you want to fit your project needs. Just adjust the jig to create a larger circle!

Make sure to share your builds with us on social media and use #shanty2chic so we can share them too!

Happy Building!

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