Hey guys! I wanted to show you gals how I made my lace flowers that I used here…
And here…
It all started when I stumbled upon this great stuff at Joann’s.
It’s called Wright’s Flexi-Lace Hem Facing and it comes in LOTS of great colors.  It also comes in two different sizes but I prefer the larger 1 3/4″ lace for my flowers.  I originally purchased it to make flower headbands for the new baby but then found myself gluing them to things all around the house.
I did sew these but don’t click the red X just yet…. If you have a machine and you can do a straight stitch then these are a piece of cake!  You only need a ruffler foot like mine below.
You can get them at your local sewing machine shop or online.  Just make sure you get one that is compatible with your machine.  It’s so super easy.  Just click it on and sew a straight stitch.  It does ALL of the work for you.  You can adjust it to gather as much or as little as you like… Can’t beat that!
My first step was to open up my lace and cut it in half.  This left me with 2 strips of lace.  Then, I folded one piece in half like this.
I stuck the folded end into my ruffler and 30 seconds later I had this…
Next, I drew a circle on a piece of matching felt.  This just keeps me from making my flower an odd shape.  The rest is just hot glue! I made a circle on a piece of matching felt.
Starting with the outside of the circle I glued the folded edge down to the felt following the circle.
Once I reached my starting point I just moved to the inside of the first circle and continued gluing.
Once it was all finished it looked like this.
You can stop there or add a super cute button like I did.
I cut the shank off the back of the button using pliers.
Then I hot glued it down to the center of the flower.
Here it is all finished up…
My last step was to cut the felt from under the flower which leaves the back looking like this.
Now all you need is a cute place to attach it.  I added mine to my lamps and wreath but I will also be back to show you how to make SUPER cute headbands for yourself or your little princess.  It’s becoming a bit of an obsession I’m affraid 🙂 !  Hope you girls liked it! Let me know if you have any questions and go get yourself a ruffler foot… TODAY!  Happy Wednesday!

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  1. What kind of sewing machine do you have? I have a Singer Confidence, I just bought a ruffle foot so I could do this and it keeps bunching up on my machine and getting stuck! Have you ever had this happen? I asked the workers and they said I shouldn’t fold the fabric. I also felt like the lace was getting stuck in the feed dogs which was causing some of the jam…any thoughts?? It’s so sticken cute I just want it to work! 🙂

  2. Can you make these without the ruffling foot? The ruffle foot is a little pricey so I might have to hold off, but don't want to hold off on making these cute things. Just wondering if you could do them another way!



  3. What happened to your Etsy shop? I just went to look at the recipe magnet stand and everything was "sold". Are you not doing Etsy anymore?

  4. Of all the fabric flowers I've been seeing tutorials for, I LOVE these little lacy guys!!! =) question… my sewing machine is ANCIENT. I mean, it's from the 1950's, metal gears and all… do you think there's a ruffle thing to go with my machine? Clearly, I'm not much of a seamstress. LOL But I'm getting better! =)

  5. OMG… I wanted to reach through that screen and steal that lamp.. What a precious, darling creation.. Just LOVE it!!!