Hey guys!  I am DONE painting my Cameron Storage System!!! 
I got the plans for this system free at Knock Off Wood!
Now for my paint choice!!!  This is going in my playroom/gameroom so I really wanted to pick a fun and bright color.  Green came to mind so off to Home Depot I went.
I didn’t want plain green but a bright pea green.  I found the color Leapfrog by Behr and it was exactly what I had pictured in my head….  I had them add a primer to it for about $9 and I am so glad I did!!!  MDF soaks up paint like a sponge and I still only had to use 2 coats!  It took the entire gallon of paint!
I was going to paint it on with a paint roller but I was guided towards this paint brush as a better alternative by a nice man at Home Depot.  He didn’t work at Home Depot but he had a Dupont Paint jacket on so I assumed he was legit!  It took many grueling hours of painting but the finish turned out awesome.  This brush is angled so it made edges and corners so easy!
Here is the system dismantled and painted.  I will admit I was very worried that I picked the wrong color after opening the paint lid but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color now!!!  I’m so glad I stepped out of my safe zone and went with a bold color:)
I can’t just leave it alone…gotta distress it!!! 
I used my 3M sanding block on all of the edges.
Next, I used a foam brush to wipe Minwax stain over the distressed area and then wiped off the excess.  As far as the color stain I picked, I just used the Red Mahogoney that I already had.  If I were to have gone out and bought some for this project I would have picked Dark Walnut.  This was free and there was not a big area being stained so it didn’t make much of a difference to me.
Such an easy technique and it makes such a huge difference!  1 down 8 to go!!!  I’ll be back soon with a tutorial on the drawers!!!

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  1. Way to go! This looks like it was quite the undertaking! Great job. Love that you painted it green too. very fun!

  2. This looks awesome. I have spent thousands on having furniture made in my house (and for my shop when I had it) and it would never have dawned on me that I could make it myself. I am so inspired by the fact that you've made this too and am just about finishing drawing plans to make a Logan media base. I've had to alter Ana's plans as I need to make it a bit smaller to fit a space. Seeing what you've acheived is really giving me confidence. Love the colour and can't wait to see it in place.
    Sam x

  3. That looks fabulous! I love the bright paint color and you're right its very fun! I can't wait to see the whole system done! Knock Off Wood is amazing too. I've built the better homes and garden bench as well as the Thomas narrow hutch and cabinet! Love her site as well!

  4. OH MY HECK! It looks fantastic and I think that I am in love with the color now. Your fantastic system has got my mind going for a craft room system! Thanks as always for the ideas! Keep them coming!
    PS-So impressed that ou painted that whole thing with a brush! I would whipped out the roller after an hour of using a brush. You rock! I hope that u had lots of chocolate to help with the sanity side!

  5. Ashley, that looks awesome! I love the colour and the distressed edges, amazing job on your part!!! ~ Tina x

  6. woohooo! I have the bunk beds from Knock off wood in my garage waiting to be painted as well. Way to get it done! They look great, and I love the color you picked.

  7. So I've been wanting to make some of the stuff from Ana's blog, but I was worried about the "fuzzy" edges that come from using MDF. But I just read an article in the Family Handy Man about using MDF. He said that if you want smooth edges without the fuzzies, sand the edges with 100 grit, prime ONLY the edges, sand with 100 again, and then prime again, you'll get a smooth edge. Not much help now since you already painted, but I figured that you'll probably be building something else from her awesome plans. And who can resists? I love the color, by the way ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. So inspiring! Seeing the plans is one thing… but actually building it yourself- wow. And that green is perfect. Love how this is turning out.


  9. STUNNING!! I love the distressing. Don't you just love that Behr paint and Purdy brushes??!

  10. awesomeness! love it~ must go now and find something to paint and distress… you've inspired me today~ happy monday