Hey guys!  I am DONE painting my Cameron Storage System!!! 
I got the plans for this system free at Knock Off Wood!
Now for my paint choice!!!  This is going in my playroom/gameroom so I really wanted to pick a fun and bright color.  Green came to mind so off to Home Depot I went.
I didn’t want plain green but a bright pea green.  I found the color Leapfrog by Behr and it was exactly what I had pictured in my head….  I had them add a primer to it for about $9 and I am so glad I did!!!  MDF soaks up paint like a sponge and I still only had to use 2 coats!  It took the entire gallon of paint!
I was going to paint it on with a paint roller but I was guided towards this paint brush as a better alternative by a nice man at Home Depot.  He didn’t work at Home Depot but he had a Dupont Paint jacket on so I assumed he was legit!  It took many grueling hours of painting but the finish turned out awesome.  This brush is angled so it made edges and corners so easy!
Here is the system dismantled and painted.  I will admit I was very worried that I picked the wrong color after opening the paint lid but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color now!!!  I’m so glad I stepped out of my safe zone and went with a bold color:)
I can’t just leave it alone…gotta distress it!!! 
I used my 3M sanding block on all of the edges.
Next, I used a foam brush to wipe Minwax stain over the distressed area and then wiped off the excess.  As far as the color stain I picked, I just used the Red Mahogoney that I already had.  If I were to have gone out and bought some for this project I would have picked Dark Walnut.  This was free and there was not a big area being stained so it didn’t make much of a difference to me.
Such an easy technique and it makes such a huge difference!  1 down 8 to go!!!  I’ll be back soon with a tutorial on the drawers!!!

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  1. OMG you never cease to amaze me with your transformations. This one is fantastic! I cant wait to see it completed.

  2. They turned out great and I love the fun color you picked and the distressing, so pretty!

    Kat πŸ™‚

  3. Love the media center! When you say you had them add primer to your paint what does that mean? You had them mix primer into your paint color?

  4. Love it!
    Great job. Very professional looking.

    Having trouble finding plans on site you mentioned, but will keep looking.

    What day are we supposed to link up to show our projects?

    thanks and blessings

    barbara jean

  5. I would be super scared of this color! But it looks so cool on your shelves, and I especially liked how you distressed the edges a bit. Very nice!

  6. Awesome! I love the color…so fun! I'm working up the nerve to start on the Bedford Collection for my office.


  7. Quick question for you. I know MDF is rough to paint and takes many coats, so I am wondering what your thoughts are on priming the cut pieces of MDF before you put them together. I am planning on building one of Ana's office systems and am just wondering what your thoughts are on now that you have had the experience of building this. Thanks so much. It has been fun to watch your progress on this project.

  8. K, I was a little nervous when you said bright pea green color… But man, you worked it out! That looks awesome!!! The distressing rocks, I love it!

  9. Very nice, we're in the middle of cabinet project too and I just filled holes and sanded and this weekend staining – yipee! Oh, and then sealing – yuck! We have to match our bookcases or else I'd be painting!

  10. LOVE it!!! My kitchen walls are a similar color-called Punk Rock! πŸ™‚ Green is my FAVE!!! πŸ™‚
    Great job! I still haven't decided what to make from Ana's blog first! πŸ™‚