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A couple of weeks ago Ash was able to introduce you to a really cool site called My Colortopia.  My Life, My Colors is a helpful questionnaire that can be used to determine the colors that most represent you!

Today I get to introduce you to the next component of the My Colortopia tool called My Image Inspiration.

My Image Inspiration takes an inspiration photo, and then gives you a color palette to help you choose a color scheme for your decor.  How fun is that??  I have been playing with lots of photos today just to see what colors it would spit back at me.

This is one picture I chose…. I love it for lots of reasons!  Mainly I would love for the front of my house to look just like it 😉

So I entered my picture…

Here is what My Image Inspiration did for me…

Yah I know… Not a ton of color there, but it fits me to a T.  I love the color scheme it suggested!

A little tip… If you are looking for a more specific color you can narrow in on a smaller area with the selection tool.   This helps to generate some more specific colors.

How fun is that!! Go check it out! You will have fun playing with it too!

Head on over to My Colortopia and try out both of their color design tools…

My Life, My Colors

My Image Inspiration


I have been sponsored by Glidden brand paint to write this post but don’t worry! These opinions are all mine!

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  1. Thank you for this great tool! I also often experiment with different tools when creating car clipart. I will definitely try this tool in my practice as well.

  2. I’m not real thrilled with Colortopia. The colors that it choose for me are very ‘not’ me. In fact, I hated most of them. But I enjoy your blog!