Happy Wednesday guys!

We are back with another YouTube video today and we hope you love it!  We sat down in my kitchen, with coffee (duh) and answered some of our top questions for you.  You can check it out HERE or by clicking below!

Have more questions?  We are going to be answering more and more as we go, so feel free to leave your questions you want answered below in the comments section or on the comments section of our YouTube video.

Thanks for watching, sharing and Happy Building!

Whitney and Ashley

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  1. Wow, you ladies are amazing sources of motivation; I find myself glued to your videos and eager to put your advice into practice. We finally found the house of our dreams, but the kitchen cabinets need to be repainted. Specifically, what color are those cabinets in your kitchen? Their hardware is great, and I adore them.

  2. You ladies are so inspiring, and I have become obsessed with watching all of your videos and trying out your plans. My husband and I just bought our dream home but the kitchen cabinets need to be painted. What color are your kitchen cabinets in the background? I love them and the hardware.