Good morning friends!  Most of you that follow us on social media have heard our fun news… Our pilot is airing this weekend!  It’s called Open Concept and it airs on HGTV this Sunday, September 20th at 1pm CST/ 2pm EST!

Open Concept on HGTV

To say we are excited would be a bit of an understatement!  So… What is the show about??  Here is the description from

Sisters, Whitney and Ashley tear down the walls of Brooke and Dack’s boxy house. Four small rooms become one large open concept space that is the perfect home for entertaining. They use their mad carpentry skills to fill the home with 16 pieces of custom furniture they make for a fraction of the cost it would be in store. The end result is a stunning reveal of the living room, kitchen, family room and laundry.

Basically, we tore down the walls to bring a family together, and then we built them the furniture to fill it up!

AND WE NEED YOUR HELP!  This is a pilot episode for HGTV.  If the ratings are good, the network will pick the show up for a series.  So, we need you to watch the pilot, and we need you to SHARE the heck out of it!  It would mean the world to us.

We will be doing some awesome tool giveaways on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter over the next 48 hours leading up to the show and we will also be doing live Periscope videos before and after the show as well as live tweeting, so make sure to follow us on all of our social platforms!

So many of you have told us you will be having watch parties!  That makes our hearts so happy!  Please, please send us photos of your parties so we can share them with everyone!

Here are a couple of photos you can save and share!


Show Share for FB


We had an amazing time along the way.

This was the first day of filming and meeting the sweet family that we helped out!

Shanty2Chic HGTV

And demo day…

Open Concept on HGTV Demo Day

And the final day when we got to share our work with the family and cut the cake after we wrapped!

Cutting the Cake Open Concept

We are extremely thankful for this entire opportunity, and so many people that have walked the journey with us.  We are thankful for our families.  We are thankful for our stepdad (that will make more sense after you watch the show 😉 ) We are thankful for all of you guys and your continued support.  We are thankful for RTR Media, our production company in Canada.  We are thankful for Lindsey Weidhorn, from Scripps who has surrounded us with a great team.  We are thankful for our sweet friends, Lauren and Stephen Alvarez.  They were our producers, and quickly became like family.

Lauren and Stephen

That’s about it!

Please tune in, and share away!  You guys are amazing, and have always been an incredible support for us.   We can’t believe that we have been given this opportunity, but we are so thankful for it.  We know this plan is none of our doings.  It is much bigger than us, but we are thrilled to be along for the ride.

Thanks friends!

Whitney and Ashley

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  1. k so I missed the first one because I was away and I can’t find out when it is on again! any idea??

  2. what was the name of the store in fort worth that y’all went shopping in. it had all the metal and knobs etc. am planning a trip down there and would love to stop in if time permits!

  3. Just stumbled across a rerun of your pilot. LOVED IT!!! I was watching it and thought, “I wonder if these girls are the same people I follow on Pinterest and sure enough! I really hope HGTV runs a full season! If you need more houses to renovate I’ll happily offer mine in Allen! 🙂

      1. Who do I contact to tell them to please air a whole season of Open Concept now that it’s “after-the-fact” of your premier? Happy to help promote in any way I can!

  4. Is there any way I could get where that sofa is from in the main living room when you first walk in. I NEEEED IT!

  5. Just watched Open Concept for the second time – best new show I have seen on HGTV in years! You two are so cute and super talented. Hope to see lots more episodes!!!!!!

  6. I caught your show for the first time last night and really, really, loved it. As a DIY furniture amateur and HGTV addict I was hooked. I got up this morning, eager to find more episodes and maybe even binge watch since it is rainy and cloudy today where I live. I didn’t find much on HGTV’s website but after a google search I found you…and found that you are the writers of one of my favorite blogs! I was soooo excited. I am proud to have ‘found’ you before were TV stars…when you were mere blog stars ;). Enjoy this success. Everything I love about your blog was even better on the show. I am so jealous you get to do the house and the furniture and the accents…what a fun, amazing career and your personalities and families make it even more entertaining to watch! I wish my sister enjoyed DIY! Let me know how/when/where to help out with some social media shouts! You have a true fan here. I have been looking at, researching, considering a kreg because of all the cool projects and after watching your show last night I am getting one today!

  7. saw it for the first time tonight! loved it and thx for showing “how to do it.” I even called my husband to the TV to watch.

  8. Just saw this…it was great! The home was gorgeous. And so thrilled to see another Texan show (I’m from Temple, TX)!

    On another note, where is the “Home is where your story begins” canvas from? It was in the kitchen over the bench. I would love to buy or make one myself!

  9. Just caught this by accident. Loved it! Hope there will be lots more episodes. Your designs are great, very talented.

  10. Sorry, didn’t mean to offend, but it really is time to wean her. On a brighter note, I do like the fact that you two give specific tips/directions on how to make some of the pieces you do. On other shows, we don’t get that information.

  11. I have to comment on the scene in a vehicle. A girl in the backseat, who was at least five years old, had a pacifier in her mouth. Really?! She is way too old for that!

  12. I saw the show Sunday accidentally also. I’m so glad I caught it. I love you guys and am watching the rerun I taped right now. You girls are so talented and I really hope this show gets picked up. I love how y’all build all your own furniture…that’s so awesome. And let’s girls know they can do that stuff too.
    I’m a huge Fixer Upper fan, and let me just say…you guys are gonna give Jo a run for her money. I would be glued to this show also each week and hope it gets picked up. Oh I’m from Paradise, Tx…so it’s cool to see some Ft Worth girls representing Texas !!!

  13. I happened upon the show Sunday too and loved it. I really love that you give plans to make your projects here!!! That is wonderful. I am going to make the harvest table…I love it! And the savings over buying a table are tremendous. HG better pick you up if they know what is good for them! Can’t wait for the next episode.

  14. I also happened upon this pilot by accident and LOVED it! I don’t think HGTV did you justice in promoting this show, but I do hope they pick it up as a series! So, the big question now is – WHEN WILL YOU FIND OUT?! 🙂

  15. Loved the show! I’ve been following your blog for years and was so excited for you girls. I’m going to have my husband watch it with me later so that he can see that I’m not crazy in wanting to build my own stuff, have done a couple of things from your and Ana’s blog, but still am not extremely comfortable with using all of his tools on my own, so hopefully once he sees you two in action he’ll be a little more excited about what I’ve wanted to do these past several years!;)