Learn how to build this DIY Wood Planter for the Wall with free plans by Shanty2Chic! This is the perfect outdoor planter to add style to your outdoor space!

I am in FULL outdoor mode at the moment as I am sure many of you have noticed!  My latest project??  This super cute Wall Planter!  I made this bad boy in less than an hour and for under $20!

This is a super simple project!  Here is what you will need…

1 – 2x4x8 piece of pine wood

1 – 2x6x8 piece of pine wood

1- 1x3x6 piece of pine wood


Wood Glue and finish nails

Spray Paint

2-3′ of rope

9 small clay pots

First start by making your cuts!

I made 2 cuts from the 2×4 piece at 34.5″ each.

Sides of Wood Wall Planter

Next cut your 2×5 into 3 pieces that will each measure 14″ long.

Shelf Pieces for Wall Planter

I attached mine using my Kreg Jig and pocket hole screws, but you can also use wood screws from the outside and fill with wood putty.

Here is where I placed my pocket holes…

Wood Wall Planter Shelves

I attached them to my side boards.  Each one is 13.5″ apart.

Wood Wall Planter DIY

Now I added a small trim piece with my 1×3 using wood glue and finish nails.  From the side it looks like this!

Step 3 Hanging Planter

Next I used my drill to place a 3/8″ hole in the top of each side piece…

Drill Hole for Hanging Planter

I have found a great way to fill pocket holes and other holes is using 3M Wood Filler !

3M Wood Filler

Just squeeze some out into each hole…

Wood Putty

Use a scraper to even it out!

Scraper for Wood Putty

And there you go!

Putty for pocket hole

After the putty dried I gave the whole thing a coat of black spray paint!

Now for the fun part!  After the paint dried I used a sander to distress the whole thing a bit.

Your final step is adding your rope!  The rope likes to ravel a bit, so I wrapped my edges with painter’s tape  like this…

3m Blue Tape on rope

Then, just pull it off after you tie your knots!

That’s it!  I hung mine using a cute metal garden hook.  I used a masonry bit to drill a hole in the brick and used a masonry screw to hold the hook in place.

I filled each of my cute little pots with some Vinca vine and I was set!

Here are a few more shots!

Hanging Wall Planter
Hanging Planter with Rope
Wall Planter
Wall Planter

Isn’t that super fun!?  It filled a blank space I had on the back of my house perfectly!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I would LOVE for you to pin and share my planter with your peeps!  Happy building!


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  1. We made this last weekend and we love it! Thanks for the instructions. I found a $5 moose head hook at Marshalls and it was totally worth it. I’m looking for a place to find cheap pots and plants if anyone has any ideas!

  2. I just made this planter to hang inside my condo near the window. I made some slight adjustments but the design was you. Thanks so much for posting I learned a lot from your helpful blog.

  3. Do you remember if you used flat or glossy paint on this? I have my pieces cut and ready for a last minute gift. Thanks

  4. Where is that garden hook from? I can’t find a garden hook that looks that nice and can hang the planter flush against the wall!

    1. Hobby lobby… They sell online too! You can also use an indoor hook and spray it with a water seal spray to protect the finish. Hope this helps!

  5. I love this! I just don’t understand the pocket hole screws, Could you explain that further? I really want to give this a try

  6. That looks amazing, you do such a great job at everything… I just pinned this and will put it on my to do list. Keep it up!

  7. I love all your posts and for someone who has absolutely no skill, you make everything seem doable….