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I hope you are all having a great week! Today I am here to share a storage space solution the 7-can stackable canned food organizers. I will also be sharing my tips and tricks in the pantry and letting you know where I found all of my storage goodies! For those of you that waited 6 months for this post… Bless you! As I mentioned in my DIY Spice Rack post, Ash and I are on a mission to use our love of wood and DIY projects to create solutions for our kitchens and our homes that help things run more smoothly and efficiently. For my pantry that means organizing my soups, spices and everything in between!

Several months ago I tackled my pantry storage. It is one of the best “kitchen” decisions I have ever made! With a family of 7, we always purchase a large variety of canned goods. What did I come up with?? These are individual canned food organizers thats store your cans, and rotate the cans to allow you to use the older dates first. Rather than making 1 single rack, I opted to make them individual so you can make as few or as many as you need for your canned food stash! Here is how my storage solution turned out.

Awwww… SO much better than how they used to be!  The need for this system came along with the addition of my sweet baby.  His very favorite thing to do is knock over my can stacks and roll them around the house…

I do think it’s cute, but I was going batty stacking my cans on an hourly basis!  I won’t say these are ‘baby-proof’, but I will say they have helped!

I made these canned food organizers in 2 sizes.  The larger size holds up to 12 cans, and I am sharing it today. You can stack them on top of each other, or use the top piece as a shelf like I did here! They are also designed to make the cans rotating so you can use the oldest cans first!

Here is a bigger shot of my canned food storage idea!

Now, let’s head out to my garage to build our can organizer! Check out my tutorial below!

Supplies to Build a Canned Food Storage Solution

For each organizer I used 1/4″ hardwood plywood.  I bought mine in a 4’x8′ sheet and had the guys at Home Depot cut it down into 11.5″ strips.  You can also buy smaller panels like a 2’x2′ or 2’x4′ if you don’t need as many!

I also used a 1×12 for my shelf pieces.  These also come in different lengths.  I bought and 8′ board because I was making several, but you can buy a smaller one if you are not making as many.

I also use a 1/2″x2″ pine board for my bottom shelf front piece.  A 4′ piece will make 8 dividers.

When you break it down, these cost under $5 a piece to make.


For the sides you will need 2 pieces of 1/4″ plywood cut to this..

For the shelf piece I cut my 1×12 into 4.75″ pieces.  Each divider will use 2 pieces like this…

There will be a small scrap from the middle shelf piece that I will use later on a different step.

Next, I marked both of my side pieces for my shelves!  Marking them with a pencil makes lining your shelf pieces up really easy, and it keeps you from having to guess where to nail from the side.

Mark each side like this…

I found a really easy way to do this!  I used some scrap pieces cut to the dimensions above to serve as a template for each piece.  I would just lay them down, line up my middle shelf , and draw it out quick.  No need to measure each time!  This saves a ton of time!

Excuse my shanty handwriting on the blocks! 😉

Next I used Gorilla Wood Glue and finish nails to attach my shelves like this!

Easy!  And because I drew my shelves on the other side, it makes this part simple!  Just nail where the shelves are marked!

Next, I added some Gorilla Wood Glue to the shelf pieces, and attached my other side piece!

Now to finish off the front!

I used that scrap piece to cut my front piece.

This is for my middle shelf.  I just added a little glue and nailed it in place!

I used a 1/2″ x 2″ pine board for my bottom shelf piece.  Each one was 5.25″ long.

That’s it!  How simple is that?  No need to put a back on these… Once the canned food organizer is placed on the pantry shelves, the wall does the trick perfect!  I painted mine with Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch in Heirloom White.  I also couldn’t resist the urge to add some labels.  I will be sharing those soon!

My favorite part about each can dispenser is how they rotate my cans!  You load the cans through the top, and it allows your older dates to rotate out from the bottom first!  LOVE.  I will also be sharing my 7-can dividers that are stackable soon!

For now, here are a few more shots!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I would love for you to share and pin my can storage project below!  I will be sharing my entire pantry makeover over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!  Also, be sure to check out my Pantry Door Spice Rack!

Thanks so much guys!!

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  1. I made 5 of these over the weekend using your instructions and they are fantastic! I wish I had your creativity to think up projects like these.

    One thing I’d note from my experience is to be careful about the height with the front pieces: if you make them too high, it’ll be difficult to get the cans out. I made the mistake of cutting all 5 pieces and glued and used a brad nailer on all of them, before testing. Then had to tear them all out and redo….

  2. I need at least ten of these!!! Both the 12 can AND the 7 can version!! I’m wondering if you’ve thought of making one for those skinny little tuna or chicken cans? I’m sure my Hubby can figure it out. Also considering one for those teeny tiny little cans of chopped olives! We use a lot of those for tacos! lol I love love LOVE everything ya’ll are doin! Keep it up!!! 😉

  3. This is an AWESOME project!! I’ll be making at least 2 maybe 3, maybe more of these…there are so many different things this can be used for… 🙂
    TY for sharing this!!

  4. II need to build this1 Do you think you all could add one of those free save as PDF things? It would be awesome to be able to download the plans 🙂

  5. I just love this. I am moving in a few days and I think I will plan on making this as one of my first projects to organize my pantry.

  6. What type of canisters do you have in your pantry for the dry goods? We just bought a new house & I’m trying to organize BEFORE we move in 🙂 I can’t seem to find the ones I see in your pictures, and I really like the way yours are so easy to see.

    1. I have my pantry and cabinets organized with Tupperware Modular Mates. They are clear, so you can see the contents at a glance. They are also virtually water and air tight…. they keep your foods fresh for up to 2 years!!

    2. you can buy canisters like this from Dollar General stores. They are in the chip isle and filled with puffed cheetos or other snacks.

  7. Brilliant DIY!! I am currently using the boxes that my cans come in from the wholesale store, but something more built in is appealing, not to mention the auto rotating idea!
    I am a little confused though, in your supplies you mention that you use a 1×12 for the shelves, but in the pictures you use plywood… Did you decide to use scrap pieces? That may be more cost effective…

  8. I would just like to thank you for sharing this! It’s a brilliant idea for me as I produce jam and pickles in round, small jars, also canned fruit and veg. this will help me with organised storage – and keep Hubby busy for WEEKS! I need LOADS. Thanks again.

  9. I love this and just sent a link to my dad to see if he can make some for me. I have a smaller pantry and want the 7 can one that you made. Have you posted instructions for it? I have searched your blog and haven’t come across it.

  10. Hey! I was looking at this yesterday, literally all day, reading and figuring out my own pantry dimensions compared to yours but today when I went to write down the supplies I would need, the images are not loading on the page. Do you know why this might be?

    1. We are in the middle of a site revamp today. We are getting all the kinks worked out now, mainly the photo issue. We hope to have them all back up today! Thanks for being patient with us!!


      1. Thank you! I thought my computer was flipping out! I am soooo excited to get started on several of your blog projects. 🙂

  11. WOW! Thank you so much for this DIY. I was looking at the prices for these and I just can’t make that happen but thanks to this great post I think I can take a Saturday and make it happen! Thanks again for sharing your talents. 🙂

  12. Hi there, LOVE this. I’ll be making two of these this weekend. Just wondering if the 7 can holder has been posted – thought I’d put a few of these under the kitchen sink and a few 7 can ones in my tiny pantry! Thanks for the tutorial

  13. This is awesome!!! It’s just what I needed for my pantry. I’ve been looking for a DIY rotating can storage, but all the one’s I have come across have been made of cardboard. I like this soooooo much better! Thank you for sharing! 🙂 Have a beautiful day!

  14. I just came across this on Pinterest. I absolutely love this. My pantry is in sore need of a makeover. I now know what to do to make it all better! Thanks!