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I am back today to share part 2 of the Pottery Barn inspired Armoire I made for my littlest lady!

DIY Toy Armoire

This drawer insert is an awesome option for this armoire!  I love that you can take it in and out depending on your need for this piece.

I will share a few tips with you here, and don’t forget you can check out the full set of plans for this over at Ana White’s site!

I made the whole frame of this from PureBond Plywood.  You will have enough scrap from the armoire and won’t need to buy any extra… Woohoo!

I attached the whole frame using my Kreg Jig!

Kreg Jig K3

Kreg Jig Pocket Holes

I have a ‘shanty’ way of doing drawer slides.  For the longest time I would just avoid building pieces that called for slides.  I was WAY intimidated by them.  But, I put my big girl pants on a few months back and found a way to attach them that made sense to my brain.  So, this is certainly not the professional way to attach them, but it works every time for me! 😉

Here are some tips on how I attach drawer slides…  These photos were taken on a different piece, but the method is the exact same.


how to install drawer slides

install drawer slides



Your final step is cutting your faces of your drawers to size.  I just measured each opening, and made the face about 1/8″ shorter in length for a perfect fit.

Here is a shot of the base before I added edge banding…

drawer insert

Edge banding is a quick and super easy way to cover the rough edge of PureBond, MDF or other plywood.  It gives your rough edge a finished look making it look like hardwood on the edge.  You just use a hot iron to attach it and then sand any rough edges… Easy!

Edge Banding

After giving my drawers a coat of Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain in Early American, I let it dry and added some chalkboard labels.  I used painter’s tape to create rectangles and then gave each one a coat of Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Spray Paint… So fun!

Chalkboard Labels Furniture

I made the cut out of the drawer front using my Jig Saw!  Took no time at all and it gives it a totally custom look!

Here are a few more shots…

Chalkboard Labels on Furniture

DIY Toy Armoire

Pottery Barn Kids Armoire

DIY TV Armoire

Thanks so much for stopping by!  You can check out my post on the DIY armoire HERE and also access the full plans for these drawers at Ana-White.com!

Let me know if you have any questions at all!


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  1. I have searched and searched all the woodworking sites and leave it to a woman, (sorry men) :), to finally explain in the clearest concise detail how to construct a drawer. Like you, I too have been afraid to install drawers and avoided them. Your tutorial makes me feel so confident! Thanks for your wonderful blog.