Hi friends!  So, I was DIY shopping in the Pottery Barn catalog again when this came along.
I just love it and I knew that I could DIY one that I would love just as much (actually more because the $129 price tag takes away from it).
Anyone can make this with minimal supplies and cost.  Here’s how I did it:
Start with 5 dowel rods.  I purchased them at Wal-Mart for $.70 each.
Arrange them in the shape of a star.
Next, cut 5 equal pieces of paper (I used newspaper) into rectangles and roll them into cones. 
Secure with scotch tape.
Next, cover each corner of the star with the cones using scotch tape to secure the cone to the rods.
I used Gorilla Glue Epoxy to secure all the cross points of the dowel rods.
Using 1 ply jute tie down the cross points for extra hold.
Cut the excess jute.
I then spray painted the entire star with Rust-Oleum Heirloom White.
Now for the corners.  I used 4 ply jute and wrapped each corner up to the tip.  I started by hot gluing the end to the back side of a rod.  I continued wrapping securing with hot glue as I went.
I purchased 5 of these mercury glass votives at Target for $.99 each. 
I used 1 ply jute and wrapped it 3 times around each votive hot gluing as I went.
I knotted the jute
and secured it with hot glue.
Now to add it to the star.  I tied the excess jute around the back side of the star and knotted it.
Then I followed up with another piece, wrapping it from front to back securing with a knot in the back.
View of back
I cut the excess jute
Now for the finishing touches…I used the 1 ply jute to wrap the rods.  Start at one corner and hot glue the end of the jute to the back side of the corner.
Wrap it around loosely until you reach the next corner.  Secure with hot glue and cut the excess.  Repeat steps to the next corner and so on until every rod has been wrapped.
Total cost was under $10 and it was super quick and easy!  I get the same look of the $129 name brand piece for less than 10 percent!  I hope you all like it!
Merry Christmas

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  1. I am definitely inspired. Thank you for posting this! I must make this and have it in my front room at all times. Where do you find dowel rods at Wal-Mart?