Submitted By: Andrew Edmond

Original Shanty2Chic project it was inspired by:

Project (URL):

Time to Complete: 6 months

Total Cost: $4,000

Finishing Details:
I loved your design but upped the ante with walnut cut from raw "hit or miss" lumber. I had to invest in my toolshop with a lot of tools I didn't have previously (planer, jointer, track saw, and much more) to work with this raw lumber.

Finishing I experimented with EVERYTHING. Epoxy, Poly, Shellac, Lacquer. I tried combinations of every stain I could get my hands on, but settled on Daly's Ebony stain, and Lacquer for the finish, rubbed out to a fine finish.

I also build the chairs, inspired by some posts on pinterest. Why did this take six months? Learning mostly. I think I could do another in under 2 months now that I have the learnings down. But it was a lot more effort than I ever thought it would be. That being said, the results are worth it! I now have what I think will be a family heirloom and everyone that has seen it loves it!

Thank you for the design inspiration. Was truly a great build.

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