Eeeek!  I can’t wait to share the newest member of my yard with you guys today.  I have begged asked my hubby for a storage shed for years, and I finally took the plunge!   As you guys know, I am in the process of redoing my garage space and turning it into a shop for me.  One of the main problems I was running into was STUFF.  I have 5 kiddos and that means 5 bikes, 348 balls, and a ton of sports and play equipment.  I had to have a place to put it all, and that problem has been solved.  Here is what she looks like…

Storage Shed

Storage Sheds

I know… So stinking cute, right??

When shopping around for my shed, I looked for 3 main things… Price, customization, and availability.  Lucky for me, I found the most amazing company EVER.  And these guys deliver nationwide!!

Woodtex Sheds

I really can’t say enough great things about Wood-Tex.  For me, this was the very best experience, and I am so excited I get to share their company with you guys.  I worked with their Texas branch for my storage shed, and these guys are too legit to quit.

Woodtex Sheds

With my setup, I knew that my shed would be very visible to anyone driving by.  I really wanted a shed that didn’t look like a shed… Know what I mean??  I have spent lots of time and money dressing up the outside of the house, and I couldn’t just throw an eyesore out there.  I started shopping at hardware stores nearby and online.  I found out quickly that my options were very limited and really there was no customizing these at all.  So, I did a bit more research and stumbled upon Wood-Tex Products.

My first thought was… OMG these sheds are so darn cute!  And my second thought was… You mean for just a little bit more money, I can pick the color and setup of the shed myself?  SOLD.

You can actually price your own Woo-Tex Shed HERE with their price calculator!  They really do have so many different options fitting any budget, which is another reason I love this company!  Christmas is right around the corner ladies… Just saying.

So, let me show you some of the details on mine and some of my very favorite parts!

Storage Shed Door Photo

The colors!  I told the team at Woodtex what my exterior house colors are, and they painted my shed to match.  Now it truly blends with the rest of the home!

These sheds are built like no other.   You can see the craftsmanship on every single angle, even the inside!

Inside of Storage Shed

Wood Storage Shed

My son took it upon himself to go ahead and load our bikes up in there… They also like using this as a ‘jail’ and playhouse… Serves many purposes really 😉

And OH the dormer!  I love me some dormers.

Dormer on Shed

Dormer Shed Window

The hardware that comes with Woodtex Storage Sheds is great!  The handles are locking and the double door comes with locking features as well.

Lock for Storage Shed

Storage Shed Photos

Storage Shed Door

And quite possibly my favorite part about this new storage shed… PROJECTS GALORE!!

Shanty Storage Shed

Like planter boxes, ramps, cheap storage ideas, landscaping…. I can go on 😉

I would LOVE for you guys to go check out this amazing company!  They offer so many custom made products for your home at affordable prices!  And again… They ship nationwide!!

Thanks so much for stopping by guys!!  Make sure to check out Wood-Tex and tell them the Shanty Sisters sent you! 😉  And stay tuned for some great projects with these guys and maybe even a little giveaway… I mean really… Who doesn’t want to win a storage shed like this baby??

Thanks so much again!


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  1. Thanks for taking the time to post all of these pics! It really looks awesome. Although it would be nicer with a loft…

  2. Wood-Tex is the absolute best! I purchased a 14×40 to use as my boutique! Everyone comments on how beautiful it is!

  3. Beautiful shed! It looks great with your house. I’ve been looking for a shed for a long time – thank you for sharing this company! I wanted the same things – customization like same paint colors as our house and I even kept extra shingles when we got a new roof so they could be used on a shed. A shed that’s like a mini-me of our house. I’m checking this company out!

  4. That is the most beautiful, precious, cute, adorable, fantastic shed in the whole wide world! I so want one!!!!! Shed envy over here in AZ!

  5. LOVE this shed! LOVE it! We need a shed, and I have been dreading putting up some ugly faux-barn like most of my neighbors have. I’m heading right over to check out the options! Thanks so much!

  6. The first things I thought when I saw it was: it’s really cute, you need a flower box under the window and I can see it is time for a post on how I built my storage shelves in my shed! Love it!

  7. super cute Whitney! What a great addition – living in a villa I don’t have room for that one, but I would have added to the old yard! Storage is always a great addition Happy Monday! Linda @ Hello I Live here!

  8. If you give away a shed and pick me as the winner I will be your best friend forever. If you aren’t on the market for a new best friend, I’ll clean your house and make dinner for at least three weeks. 🙂

  9. Wowza. That’s one beautiful shed. I’m looking out at the chocolate beast in my backyard and feeling a wee bit jealous. 😉

  10. I just had my wood-tex building installed by their location in fairplay, sc to use for my pottery studio. I cannot say enough good things about this company and their products. I’m so glad you chose to put the spotlight on this company.