Hey guys! I thought I would let you all in on a little, tiny surprise!  Here it is!!
I’m having a baby! Woohoo! This will be baby #4 for me.  It was more than planned and also a wonderful surprise!  He or she has a due date of September 8th and I am so excited!
This is also a post of projects to come… baby bedding, nursery decor, furniture and so many more!  It makes me want to get up and craft lay down and take ANOTHER nap 🙂 !
I’ve been so excited to share the news with you guys and after seeing my little bean and hearing the heartbeat today I knew it was time.
God is so good…. And we are so thankful!!

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  1. Yeah, Whitney!!!!
    I have four and I love it! The more the merrier! I can't wait to see your projects for this little one's nursery.
    God bless you and the baby!

  2. Congrats!! I am happy you will be doing all baby projects, Our family is expecting in August. Can't wait to see what you do and to be able to copy!

  3. CONGRATS on jelly bean number 4!

    So exciting! Many wishes for a healthy & happy pregnancy.

    I cannot wait to see all the baby related crafts to come!

  4. Congratulations!! Now could you send some baby dust my way???We're crossing our fingers that this is our month… 🙂