Hope you guys are having a great weekend!!  I wanted to show you all a quick, cheap and so chic way to mat your own photos.  I used this method with fabric for my photo wall but I thought I would change it up a bit and use burlap for this demo… yeah:)
Your first step will be to take the backing off of your frame.  This method is great for wall frames because the back is a bit messy but if you are doing a table frame you may want to clean your edges up a bit more than I did.  Lay your backing on your fabric.
Cut around your backing leaving about 1/2″ all around.
Use your hot glue gun to attach two opposite sides first.
Now attach your other sides using the hot glue and you are ready for your photo.
I like to change my photos out often so this step makes that very simple.  Just use photo safe tape and add a few pieces to the back of your photo.
Find the center of your fabric covered backing and place the picture down on that… I use the old “eyeball” method to find center.
Replace your glass and add your newly matted picture and you are finished.  With just a few steps and even less dollars we have taken this…
To this…
Hope you guys like it!  These steps are a great way to use those unwanted frames you have hiding out and create several that coordinate to form a fun, custom photo wall.  Get creative!!
Also, for those of you that asked what blue I used on the crackle frame…
Folkart Acrylic Seamist

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  1. super cute! For table top frames cut a cereal box for the size of the back of the frame and glue the fabric to that and vola no mess on the back.

  2. Your timing on this was great, as I am getting ready to decorate a very plain frame to encase a hair bow holder for my daughter today! Woohoo!!!

  3. This is super cute. Love the frame and the burlap mat. Simple to do, but what a difference. Thanks so much for posting this!

  4. I am inspired again…..love your ideas and tuts alot..I would love to seeyour houses…lol…I would be in heaven…have a good weekend…