Hey guys!!

Happy Wednesday!!

We have lots of fun news to share with y’all tonight!  My first BIG announcement is actually quite small…. The size of a strawberry this week to be exact 🙂

I am expecting baby #5!

I’m super sick, tired, exhausted excited!

It’s all for good cause though and I can’t wait to welcome this little one into our family.  I am due around the first week of November and yes… There is only one baby growing in there :-)!  Maybe I will get to do a boy nursery this go around?? We will see.

And for our next BIG announcement….

Guess what the Shanty Sisters are giving away again???

Yep!  That’s right!!

We will be giving away another Silhouette machine during the month of April!  We had so much fun with the last giveaway and can’t wait to do it again!!  Stay tuned for info on how to win the machine in our future posts!

Well… That’s all our great news for now!

Thanks so much for stopping by… We will be giving more details about the giveaway over the next few weeks!

And here’s to many more baby projects to come ;-)!


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  1. Okay coming from a woman with three in 5yrs I have to say I’d go crazy with that many children lol. But I’m SUPER EXCITED for YOU!! Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations on your little “passenger” hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy!
    Looking forward to updates on the giveaway I have been wishing and hoping for one and that hasn’t worked so maybe this is my chance!

  3. Congrats!!! That is very exciting. We’ve considered #5. I look forward to reading along. Our youngest was born this past July.

  4. What exciting news! Thank you for sharing with all of us. I hope you have an easy pregnancy.

    As for the giveaway. . .I WANT IT PRETTY, PRETTY PLEASE. I’m so jealous when I see what people can do with the wonder machines. . .and my Cricut can’t. *pouts* =]

    Take care of yourself and your strawberry!

  5. Congrats!!! I’ve been having a little baby fever myself! And as for your other news, I literally told my hubby just before I opened this post that I REALLY want a Silhouette. (So pick me!)