Hey guys!! I am loving my latest shanty turned chic… so much in fact that I may steal it from my son, who I made it for!! He has been needing a lamp for his room and I recently came across this baby at Target. BAD… I know, but for $15 I knew it would work. It has the perfect shape for this project…

I started by painting the lamp with Rustoleum American Accents Canyon Black spray paint. While that wa drying I took the shade off the lamp and layed it on a piece of burlap to measure how much I would need. I just added about 1 1/2″ to each end and cut a long piece.
My next step was to attach the burlap to the shade. The drum shade made this super easy! I just used Elmer’s spray adhesive to attach it. Spray a bit on the lamp and then roll it on to your burlap until you make it back to where you started… easy, easy.

At this point I used my hot glue gun to pull up my extra fabric on each end. Just run a small line of glue on to the inside of the shade and then pull your burlap up… Make sure you pull snug to get a clean edge!!

Here is what the inside should look like…
Both sides finished…

Now for the fun part… I LOVE antique press blocks. They are so cute and have endless decorative uses! The best place to find them is on Ebay! I found this “C” for $3. To attach it to the lamp I ran a small line of Gorilla Super Glue down the back of the block. I also added some to the bottom of the block. This glue set up in less than 30 seconds… LOVE it!! Once again…easy,easy!

Here it is… Looking so lonely without a shade:)…

My shade was finished at this point but needed a little something extra. I used a thick strip of grosgrain ribbon and hot glued it 1 1/2 inch from the bottom of the shade.
I used a lighter to keep my ends from fraying and made a loop at the end of the ribbon and glued it down to the shade. And… what doesn’t look cute with a giant button on it?? LOVE it!
Now I expect you all to go to Target now and start making your own!! Want to see it in action??

FINALLY!!! Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our very first link party… I Made it Without My Hubby!!! We are hosting it on October 8th and it will include a fun giveaway! I expect ALL of you guys to be there!!! Ashley will be posting all the info on it by tonight so stop back by and check it out!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. Everything you girls touch turns into a masterpiece. 😉 Simply amazing.

    Also, I'm doing my first giveaway on my blog right now if you're interested:


  2. There isn't anything you girls can't do. I want to be you when I grow up! 😉 Do you have trouble with your burlap "shedding"? I got some and it sorta drives me nuts. But I'd love to cover a shade with it to repurpose it for a new lamp I bought.


  3. WOW! that is so perfect! I love it! especially with the big "C"! too cute! i would steal it from my son if i were you 🙂

  4. Very nice and warm.

    I love those print blocks too. A friend of mine has a ton from her grandfathers old print shop displayed in her scrap room.