Hey guys!!
We have had lots of questions about our nurseries.  Ash revealed hers a few weeks ago.  I have been waiting until I feel like it’s totally “finished” but knowing my personality that reveal may not happen until she is 2 years old.  So… Here we go 🙂
This is E’s bed.  We found it pretty cheap at Baby Depot.  I think it was right at $200 and it converts to a toddler bed so I was happy.
This is the armoire that was black and in the living room in it’s previous life.  A little paint goes a long way!
I know Ash received a less than friendly comment about the TV in her nursery.  Well, guess what??  Behind those doors hides a TV in my nursery too!  Do our babies watch these? Obviously not.  But, we do enjoy sitting in the rockers with the babies and watching TV.  You know what else??  I bottle feed!  I guess with the TV and bottle feeding combined I might just be in the running for “worst mom of the year”.  Seriously people. :-))
Here is the entire wall with my magnetic photo board!
And a little nightstand I revamped.  That is the lamp I showed you guys HERE!
Window shot.
That amazing trunk is one of my next projects.  I think it will go red… What you think??
Chest of drawers…
Painted it yellow and added those great $2 Hobby Lobby knobs!
I LOVE our bedding!  I was ready to whip out the sewing machine and make my own until Ashley sent me a picture of the bedding she chose.  I told her I would be copying and I did just that!
I love the prints of the fabrics!
And my rocker (that I happily watch TV in:)…
This rocker started green and I slipcovered it with a thick, soft brown corduroy. 
I can show you a tutorial on that later.  Not too hard but oh so time consuming.
And my curtains!  I made these using a drop cloth and attaching some fabric and ribbon to the bottom.  
And one more shot…
That’s about it!
I’m sure you noticed some blank wall space.  It’s all in my head but getting it done will happen soon enough.  I’ll keep you posted on it!
Don’t forget about tonight’s party!

See you then!

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  1. I love the color combo!! Very cute!! And you gotta love those people with there opinions lol- I love that you guys are not afraid to be yourselves and you don't pretend to be perfect !! Thats why I love your blog so much- so dont stop being you !!!!

  2. The armoire looks beautiful in that color and the knobs are darling.

    Ignore that haters. I laughed that you threw in the line about bottle feeding, too. I took so much crap for that but my kids are happy and healthy (and the oldest just turned 10) so the haters can stuff it.

  3. Love the nursery! Sometimes a TV is what keeps your sanity (in the middle of the night when you haven't really slept in days!). I bottle-fed too. I also work and sometimes let my daughter have fruit snacks, a cookie, or some marchmallows for dessert. Every family is different on works best for them! Moms should all support each other and not judge! I think you are doing a great job and I just LOVE that nursery!! 🙂

  4. Her nursery is so adorable! I bet she sleeps really good in it.

    Bottle feeding? I can't believe you would give your baby that poison, but hey, I bottle fed all 4 of mine and they even all graduated from college. It must not be too bad!

  5. I had a TV with the TIVO in the nursery! thats the best time to catch up on shows – when Im feeding. love love love the bedding and the color combo….Im thinking I need to make some curtains now!

  6. very cute!!! i think the tv is a fantastic idea!! and it hides away which works in the nursery!!

  7. Oh I LOVE your color choices! My favorite color is yellow! I just found out I'm pregnant-& I will bottle feed! Me and all my siblings were bottle fed and I think we all turned out quite fine! So I'm with ya on that one-AND I will be putting a TV in my nursery!<~Love the post

  8. Wow that is so warm and inviting! I love how everything ties together. I used drop cloth curtains in my daughter's bedroom and have been trying to conjour up some ideas on how to use them in ours – I LOVE this one!

  9. Yes, it is classy and I love the TV in the room!!! I had four and bottle fed each one, they all grew up to be smart, professional adults:) Love the bedding too!


  10. Heehee! Love it! TV in the armoire and all! And that brown corduroy chair is slip covered?!? It looks great. I never would have guessed. You've got to share that tutorial!

  11. Super cute nursery! I love the fabric on the bedding. I also watch tv while I feed my baby. How else are you supposed to stay awake during those late and early feedings?!? 😉

  12. Geez, some people just need to keep their opinions to themselves! Pretty sure your kids will be okay;)
    Love your room. My poor 8wk old doesn't even have his own room yet! Have to get his big sister in a big girl bed first!

  13. SO FLIPPIN' CUTE! I LOVE the colors. FUN STUFF! My FAVORITE part of all…the TV. Man, there can be some long night up with the baby. You gotta have your TV to watch all the shows you tivoed during the day! RIGHT?! Great job! Can't wait to see what else you have planned for the walls:)

    Jennie {Cinnaberry Suite}