DIY Floating Shelf Plans for the Dining Room

I am knee-deep in a dining room remodel. ¬†I had an itch to build some new pieces, so I decided to let everything go and start from scratch… Again. ūüôā ¬†First up on the list… Floating Shelves! ¬†Check em out! How fun are those?? ¬†I love how they opened up the space! ¬†And… Just wait {…Read More…}

Top 10 Projects of 2014

Hey hey friends! ¬†WHAT A YEAR. ¬†We have had such a great time this year sharing and teaching, and we are so thankful for each of you! Today we are excited to share the top 10 projects from our site in¬†2014. ¬†A few of them surprised us! ¬†You can click any of the photos or {…Read More…}

Easy DIY Console Table

Hey guys! I’m a sucker for a console table and this one is one of my favorites! I’ve been needing something for the back-side of my couch to break up the room a bit. It’s a very open room that opens to the entry way so this table was a great way to separate the {…Read More…}

DIY Bookcase

I am so excited to share the third and final part of my DIY Desk System with you guys today. ¬†I shared the desk HERE, and the side tables which double as nightstands HERE. ¬†Time for the third! ¬†Check out the DIY Bookcases I added! I love my desk. ¬†That’s all. This may be the {…Read More…}

DIY Media Shelves

As many of you know, I have been in the process of revamping my bedroom. ¬†I use the space as my office as well. ¬†I shared Part 1 and Part 2 of my new desk system a few weeks back, and I can’t wait to show part 3 next week! These media shelves I am {…Read More…}

DIY Modular Sectional – Corner Piece Plans

Hey guys!! I’m back today to share the corner piece plans to the Modular Sectional I built! If you missed the plans for the other pieces you can see them HERE! To print the plans for the corner piece, you can click the image below or HERE. A big thanks to Jay from Jay’s Custom {…Read More…}

DIY Modular Outdoor Seating

Hey there! Living in Texas, Fall is the BEST time for us to spend outdoors! One of the big reasons we picked the house plans that we did, when we built our house, was the balcony! I dreamed of a giant comfy sectional – the kind I see in expensive magazines – and of course {…Read More…}

DIY Floating Shelves with Clavos

Now, we are no stranger to floating shelves around here. ¬†I shared my bathroom floating shelves at the beginning of this year, and Ashley recently shared her living room floating shelves as well. ¬†Be sure to click on those to find the tutorials! I have a space in my own living room that has been {…Read More…}

DIY Turned Leg Buffet Table

Hey there!!! I am so excited to show you what I have been working on. It is GORGEOUS!!! Meet the newest addition to my dining room – a DIY Turned Leg Buffet Table! I’m in LOVE! This is a 6 foot buffet table with a TON of storage space and although it is large, it {…Read More…}

DIY Desk or Nightstand – Free Woodworking Plans

Today I am sharing the free woodworking plans for the side tables of the desk. ¬†I designed this part of the desk to be very multi-functional! ¬†I am using it as part of my desk system, but these babies also double as nightstands. ¬†Nightstands with hidden storage… Can I get an Amen?? Here it is {…Read More…}

Free Woodworking Plans – DIY Rolling Storage Ottoman

Hey there! This may be one of my favorite projects that I’ve ever built! ¬†It’s so versatile and I’m sure you could find a place for one (or several) in your home ūüėČ Meet my Rolling Storage Ottoman! When I built my Floating Shelves,¬†above them, I had this idea in mind. ¬†We have a large {…Read More…}

DIY Truss Desk – Free Plans!

I’m so pumped to show you guys our latest free woodworking plans! ¬†I have just started redoing my entire bedroom. ¬†It’s the only room I have yet to build furniture for! ¬†My next project will be the king bed, which I CANNOT wait to share! ¬†Today I am sharing the first half of my new {…Read More…}

DIY Woodworking – Queen Bed

Hey guys! I am so, so excited to share my new bed with you!!! My mattress is officially off the ground and on this BEAUTIFUL wooden bed!!! I am in LOVE ūüôā ¬†I partnered with Home Depot to build this bed. ¬†All of the supplies and tools can be found in their store so it’s {…Read More…}

DIY Plant Stand

I am so excited to share my latest project with you! ¬†This one couldn’t be more simple… and fun! ¬†Check out my DIY Plant Stand! How cute are those?? You guys are going to love how simple these babies are… ¬†And cheap! ¬†The stands can be modified to any pot, and the cost of wood {…Read More…}

Garage Organization System Plans

Hey guys! ¬†I am SO excited to share my new DIY Garage Organization System with you! ¬†Check it! How great is that?? ¬†The best part about this bad boy is how easy it is to build! Kreg Tool recently released an awesome kit that we are so excited to share with y’all! ¬†It’s called the {…Read More…}

Free Woodworking Plans – DIY Dress Up Cart

Hey guys!!! ¬†I took a break from furniture building this week and built our little miss something pretty cool! If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen a sneak peek of this! I have been wanting to build her a dress up storage cart for a LONG time now but I made myself {…Read More…}

Turned Leg Console Table Free Plans!

Hey friends! ¬†Hope you all had an awesome weekend! ¬†To keep up with all of our projects and free woodworking plans, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest! I recently shared my DIY barstools with you guys HERE. ¬†While making 7 of those, my mind got a bit sidetracked. ¬†I kept staring at {…Read More…}

DIY Tiled Bar – Free Plans and a Giveaway!

The weather is FINALLY cooling off here and we are so excited to spend the Fall outside on our back patio! ¬†We like to spend a lot of family time and entertain during football season and my hubby and I have been talking about how fun it would be to have a little bar area {…Read More…}

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Cabinet

I am SO excited to share this piece with you today… It definitely has made my Top 5 builds yet! I have a love for coffee. ¬†LOVE. ¬†I have been a Keurig owner¬†for about a year now, which took my coffee love to an even bigger level, you hear me? ¬†The only thing I don’t {…Read More…}

DIY Bar Stools!

Oh hey guys! I have wanted turned leg barstools for years now. ¬†I finally scratched the itch and here is what I came up with! How fun are those? ¬†Two of my favorite things about these stools is that you can easily customize them to fit your own decor, and we are offering free plans {…Read More…}

$500 Home Depot Giveaway!

Hey friends! As many of you know, Ash and I helped teach Home Depot’s DIH Workshop last week in San Antonio, TX. ¬†We had so much fun! We both agreed that switching this guy over to the Ryobi cordless tools was the best part! ¬†Mr. Bill was teaching the class, and he is a very {…Read More…}

DIY Upholstered Bench!

Hey hey guys! ¬†Happy FRIDAY! I love the weekend. ¬†That’s all. ¬†Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with all of our projects! I am so please with how this last project turned out! ¬†I¬†have been itching to build an upholstered ‘something’ in my house which led me to this! {…Read More…}

Easy DIY Platform Bed

Hey guys! ¬†I’m back to share the platform bed that I made for my son ūüôā If you missed the Free Plans for the Planked Headboard, you can check them out HERE! I saw a platform bed in a West Elm catalog and loved how chunky the base and platform were, so that was my {…Read More…}

DIY Murphy Desk

With school just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to design a desk to fit a small space. ¬†With 5 kiddos to find space for, I am always trying to think of ways to maximize space and function at the same time. Check out my DIY Murphy Desk! The best part?? ¬†It {…Read More…}

DIY Rolling Storage Cart

Our friends at Home Depot have asked us to team up with them again to host another Do It Herself Workshop! ¬†We are so excited about it! ¬†The workshop takes place on August 21st, and Ashley and I are headed to the San Antonio, TX store to teach our workshop! The Home Depot Store #6551 {…Read More…}

DIY Laundry Basket Dresser!

As a mom of 5 kiddos, there are a few things that I know. ¬†Ok, maybe just a couple. ¬†One of those is LAUNDRY. ¬†I know it, and I don’t love it. ¬†I always smile when I see those pins about missing laundry one day when the kids are grown. ¬† Nope. ¬†I won’t miss {…Read More…}

DIY Planked Headboard

And, if you would like to get our posts delivered directly to your inbox, you can subscribe to our mailing list! Hey guys! ¬†If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen a sneak peak of this project (you may have even asked if the tutorial was up for it ;)) It took me {…Read More…}

Simple DIY Desk!

As many of you know, I recently closed off a loft space to give my oldest daughter’s their own room. ¬†I have finished lots in Hayden’s room, and now have turned my attention to Avery’s room. ¬†She is my oldest… She’s 12 going on 18… Any of you feel me? ūüėČ ¬†She’s ready for an {…Read More…}

DIY Outdoor Benches for my Table

Hey there! As, promised, I am back with the matching benches to my Outdoor Dining Table! ¬†If you missed the free plans and the Outdoor Table tutorial, you can see it HERE! ¬†The benches are so great with the table but they would make great stand-alone benches too! What do you think??? ¬†You may not {…Read More…}

DIY Adirondack Chair – Bar Height

Hey guys! ¬†We are super excited to share this fun project with you today! ¬†Everyone loves a great outdoor chair, to lounge in, especially in the summer! ¬†We’ve got a fun spin on an adirondack chair! How fun is this?! ¬†It’s bar height, giant and super sturdy and comfy! I built it for our back {…Read More…}