Are you sick of your boring bathroom mirrors?  Do you want a chic look at a shanty price?  How about revamping them by yourself in minutes?   If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are in a place I was several months ago.  I found my quick fix with Mirredge!
One of the first projects I wanted to start on in my house was the boring builders stock mirrors.  My plan was to take off the mirrors and replace them with framed mirrors ~ even on sale they would be very expensive and I have many other projects to spend money on.  So, I opted to save my money and wait.  That is until I came across Mirredge


Whitney came over and we got to work!
I started with the boys bathroom.  ANYONE can do this but I would like to show you exactly how I did it!
Mirredge comes packaged in sets of two so I bought 2 sets ~ one set for the horizontal trim and one for the vertical trim.
 I then bought 1 set of 4 corner plates. They cover the seams and add a nice aesthetic touch.
The trim is 59.5” long, so roughly 5’. The instructions say to measure each piece on the mirror, score and then crisply snap the trim to get the right fit. I used the circular saw because it was a tad faster. Measure the vertical strips first and then the horizontal. After you cut them down to size there are double-sided adhesive pads that come with the trim – just peel and stick (we put 4 to 5 on each strip).  Then add small dabs of a liquid adhesive next to each adhesive pad (i.e. Liquid Nails is a low cost option that works well).
Then you just press the trim onto the mirror!
Once you have all of the trim up it’s time for the corner plates. No cutting here ~just peel and stick the double sided, adhesive, strips and fit to each corner!

Remember the Before…
and here is the AFTER!
I just love how custom my boys mirror looks now and it completely transformed their whole bathroom! Total time invested – 30 minutes! I highly recommend this product to anyone that wants a chic look in minutes!
Okay, so I loved this product so much that I went back to the store that night to get more trim for my master bathroom.
This line also carries seam plates that cover seams when you need more than 5’ of trim. My master mirror needed about 6 ft. on the horizontal pieces so I bought 1 set of 2 seam plates.
You want the seams in the center of the mirror for aesthetic purposes so I had to buy 1 set of trim for the top and 1 for the bottom and then 1 set for the vertical sides. I measured the horizontal pieces so that they met in the center and followed up with the same steps we used for the boys bathroom. When I was done I added the seam plates to cover the seams in the center with the double sided, adhesive, pads and that was it. I LOVE MY MASTER BATH SO MUCH MORE NOW! Total time invested – 30 minutes!

I had so much trim left over that I decided to do my half bath also!  The only purchase I made for this mirror was the corner plates!
At the end of the day I had customized three bathroom mirrors / which in turn transformed all three bathrooms (in about 1.5 hours) ~ it just doesn’t get any better than that folks!
Mirredge is available in many styles and colors.  I purchased the Cherry Walnut.  You can go HERE to see a list of styles and colors!
You can purchase Mirredge at select Home Depot stores or on the Home Depot Website.
You can also visit HERE for an online order form!
This is the perfect time of year to begin new projects and I can promise you this one is so quick and easy!!!  Happy New Year to you ALL!


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  1. I had no idea they had kits! I had my poor dad frame in our mirrors. We have one left to frame…I can't wait to try it on my own!
    I love the detail in the corners!

  2. This is the product I have been waiting for. I have two bathrooms with mirrors that I have always wanted to add custom molding around, but it was to much effort and cost. This looks like the perfect alternative. Thanks for the great tutorial too.

  3. Thanks for sharing this – I hate my mirrors but was dreading the price tag of fixing them. This is great!

  4. Oh how you read my mind!!!! I was looking at my boys bathroom mirror and I had made up my mind to go and get trim to put around it. But now I am doing this!!!!!! Love it!!!!!! Yall are the best!!!!

  5. Looks great, Shanty sisters! This was one of my Top 10 projects of the year over at my blog back in Feb. Only I used reeded molding and corner rosettes, not a whole system. I'll be recapping this in my party on Wed. Happy New Years to you both!

  6. What a great idea…If I wasn't snowed in with a foot of snow, I'd be on my way to Home Depot….this is at the top of my to-do list…thanks for the great idea

  7. Your mirrors look so much better. This is a great product! My house is too old to have mirrors like this, but I have some friends who would really like this product. Thanks for telling us about it.

  8. I have been looking for the same thing!!! I hate the mirrors in my bathroom and i cant wait to see what all kinds of trims they have. Thanks for the info! They look outstanding!!!

  9. I've been wanting to customize all our basic builder mirrors too. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful product! I can't wait to check it out.