Hey Guys!! Hope everyone is having a great Monday.  Two of my kiddos returned to school today so I finally had the time to start revamping again… woohoo!  I am planning to fix up a little table to go next to one of our chairs and decided I need a lamp for the top.  I recently received a pair of shades as a hand-me-down that I thought would be perfect.  I love the shape of them… They just needed a new fabric.  Here’s the finished product…
Now here is how I did it…
I started with this lamphade.
I removed the trim on the inside of the lamp by pulling on it.  You would do the same if your trim was on the outside of your lamp.
Then I want to pull the outside fabric off the shade.  This one was easy to do but if it won’t pull away you want to cut it really close to the metal without cutting your liner fabric.
I did the same thing on the opposite end and it looked like this.
Then, it will just pull of the lamp like a sleeve.
And you are left with just your liner fabric.
Every lamp is different but the idea is to remove your top fabric without hurting your lining.
Now you can use your top fabric as a pattern for your new fabric.  I found this great blue linen at Hobby Lobby that I love.
I just put the pattern on top of my linen and started cutting. I did add about 1/2″ just to give me a bit mor fabric to pull on.
After you cut your fabric out you will need to attach the ends of your fabric together.  For those of you with a sewing machine this will require a simple straight stitch.  For those non-sewers… you can attach these ends by using a fabric glue like Liquid Stitch or Mighty Mendit.  I did sew mine, right sides together and it looked like this.
Now you should have a sleeve when you turn it right side out like this.
I then just pulled it over my shade like this.
For the next part I used clothespins and wooded sticks like tooth picks.
I also used E6000.  It’s a great craft adhesive and you can find more info on it HERE.  I purchased mine at Michael’s for around $4.
It squeezes very slowly out of the tubu so I just put a little bit on the end of a wood stick and then put it around the top of the shade.  I did about 4″ at a time.
Then just fold your fabric over and secure it with a clothespin. Don’t be stingy on your pins… I used LOTS.

A bigger section drying…
And the whole top drying…
When that was dry enough(about 20 minutes) I removed the pins and did the same thing on the other end.  The only difference is that you want to pull your fabric tightly as you secure it with the pins on the other end.  Once that was dry my shade looked like this…
I used my inside trim I pulled off to cover up my raw edge.  If your lamp didn’t have any inside trim you can use a ribbon.  I used my hot glue gun for this part.
Much better…
My last step was to make my decorative trim for the outside.  I did this by cutting two long strips of fabric about 1.5″ wide each.
You just fold it in thirds and iron.  Start with your first side…
Then, fold your other side on top of that and iron.
The top will look like this.
Now I used my hot glue gun again to attach the trim.  Just run a line of hot glue on the edge and attach the trim.
When you get back to where you started just fold your other end over and attach it with glue.
My finished shade…
And a few action shots…
Hope you guys like it!
Now… We are only a couple of days away from I Made it Without My Hubby!
We want to see everything you gals have done without the help of your hubs.  No specifics… just any craft, project or revamp you have done with your own two hands.  You can grab a button below or on our side bar.  Thanks!!

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Updated~ We will be linking up here…

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  1. Beautiful! Love the color of the new shade. The tutorial was awesome — anyone could attempt this after reading your tutorial. Thanks so much for educating us!

  2. That looks so great! I'm sure I could have faked something similar myself but it's great to have your awesome example.

  3. Hey Girls!

    I found a pretty fun little gadget recently that may have helped you on this project. It's a bias tape maker. It is used for sewing, so you never have to worry about your bias tape matching the fabric you're using, because with this little gem you can make your own! This could've helped you when making your "decorative trim." The come in a variety of sizes – I recently bought myself a couple from Joann's in 2 different sizes. Just FYI!


  4. You are my hero! Seriously gorgeous!! Thanks for the step-by-step! It gives me courage to actually attempt this at some point!

  5. Okay, the clothespin thing is brilliant! My attempt at a fabric covered shade looks….well, like Mrs. Roper in a house coat. Not like thats a bad thing (HA!) but not quite the look I was going for.

  6. Great job, you made it look so easy! Love the color of the shade against the color of the lamp. Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a beautiful clean look you have going on here…thanks sooooo much for sharing! Hope you have a great week!


  8. Very cool! I'm going to have to try it on a horrid lampshade I've hated since we got the lamp!

    Question, though. Why did you opt to use the e-6000 for the initial gluing of the lamp, instead of a hot glue gun? I'm just curious if a glue gun would work for that step.

    Thanks for sharing!