Hey friends!

I am in the mood to organize ALL THE THINGS! I have been itching to give my corner pantry a renovation. After completing my closet under the stairs renovation, I knew I was ready to tackle the pantry!

You can see the reel I shared on the renovation below!


I love how it turned out!

Now let’s talk about all the products and goodies!


For the cubbies, I chose to again use the Billy Bookcases from Ikea. You can see the size I went with HERE. I used 4 of them. They are so simple to assemble and I love that they are finished and ready to go. I also purchased an additional $5 shelf for each bookcase to add more cubbies.

Countertop and Shelf Boards

I found these great shelf boards that are SO affordable! A 4′ board is $10! They come in different sizes and finishes. I love the finish of this one! You can see it HERE!

Backsplash Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile

I found the CUTEST peel and stick vinyl wall tile that was so inexpensive for the walls… And fast! You can see it HERE! I did choose to use THIS construction adhesive behind each tile because of the humidity here in Texas.

Metal Shelf Brackets

I chose to use THESE metal shelf brackets for my open shelving. I love them! They are super affordable and strong. I was very careful to put each into a stud because I know my children 🤪 They also have THESE brackets without a front lip that I used in the corner since the shelves overlapped. If you use the brackets with a lip you will need to shave about a quarter of an inch off each shelf board. If you use the ones without a lip, you won’t need to cut any width off the shelf boards.

Pantry Organization

Here are the links to all the things I used to organize the pantry once I had it finished!

Clear plastic tubs for cubbies – I used medium

Lazy Susan Corner Organizers

Cereal Airtight Containers

Tiered Can Food Organizers

Clear Plastic Tubs for Open Shelving

Packet Organizer

Glass Tilted Jars with Black Lids


White Shoes

THESE are the white tennis shoes I am wearing. Super comfy and inexpensive.

I think that covers it! Let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. Hello, thanks for sharing! Just out of curiosity, do you have a second link to the medium bins? The current link isn’t working, thanks in advance!

  2. Yall she has a video on their actual website that you can click from this page. She shows you how she does things and where she puts the screws. 😊

  3. Hello. Curious as to how a 11.25″ bracket with a lip will fit a 12″ shelf? I’m not an engineer, but it seems that the shelf would be too large for the brackets you linked on your site. If there is no lip, I see how it will fit, but since these brackets have a lip it seems the shelf diameter is larger. I love your idea and would love to know how you made it fit. Thanks!

    1. in the explanation above it says:
      If you use the brackets with a lip you will need to shave about a quarter of an inch off each shelf board. If you use the ones without a lip, you won’t need to cut any width off the shelf boards.

      my thought: if one is very handy and with the right tool, one could just make a notch where the bracket fits… it requires a bit more planning and precision

  4. What were the dimensions of your pantry? What did you use to attached the boards to the top of the ikea book cases?


  5. Yes, I am curious about the dimensions of your space as well. I am getting ready to do pantry makeover and this has inspired me!

  6. Several people have asked the dimensions of your space and I am curious as well. I haven’t seen a response yet. This has inspired me to tackle my pantry, but I’d love to know your dimensions.

    Thank you.

  7. No but I found some 1 1/4inch screws that worked! I used the wall brackets that came with the Ikea shelves and installed them on the wall first. Then i pre drilled holes on the top and used my 1 1/4inch screws to secure the top of the bracket since it was long enough to go into the shelf on top of the book case as well. I pre drilled holes to connect the book cases one at the bottom in the middle and one at the top in the middle. I hope that all makes sense and helps you with your project! Mine is still on going as I had to wait for shipping on the wall tiles.

  8. I am tackling my pantry now! What size screws did you use to secure the cubby’s together and the shelf top to the top of them? Also did you use the wall brackets that ikea provided to secure them to the wall?