Hey!!!! This week, I’ve been busy working on our dining room.  The last project that I shared from this room was this Distressed Planked Wall.

DIY-Distressed-Plank-WallIf you missed this $100 goodie, you can see it HERE or click the image above!  Today, I’m sharing that giant mirror hanging over the wall 🙂

Large-DIY-MirrorI was inspired by the DIY Wooden Mirror that I made for my Console Table but of course, wanted something larger.  I whipped this up in about an hour and for around $60!

Here’s how 🙂

plywoodI started with a scrap piece of 1/2″ plywood.  If you don’t have a scrap this large, you can have Home Depot rip one down for you.  I cut mine to 43 1/2″ x 43 1/2″.

measure-for-trim-cutsNow, the rest of the cuts will be best to measure and cut as you go. I bought 2 – 8ft. sticks of 2 1/4″ casing (stain grade if you plan to stain.  If you are painting, you can get the less expensive primed casing). Make sure to lay out a few mirrors so that you have an exact fit for your casing.

make-miter-cutsTo get the exact measurement, I cut one end of casing at a 45 degree angle, matched the new mitered corner with a corner of the plywood and marked where the other corner of the plywood hit the casing.  This is where you will make your other 45 degree cut.

my-helperLots of help going on in the shop 😉

measurementsEasy 🙂  Now, do the same for the other three sides of the plywood.

attach-with-nailerOnce all four casing pieces were cut, I used Gorilla Glue Wood Glue and my brad nailer to attach the trim to the plywood.  I used 5/8″ brad nails.

remove-stickerI found these mirrors at Hobby Lobby and bought them, when they were 1/2 off, for about $5 each (I bought 9).  To remove the stickers and the felt pads I used a razor scraper, then cleaned the mirrors with windex.

glue-mirrorsNow, I had a temporary moment of insanity (never happens;) ) and glued the mirrors down before staining.  DO NOT DO THIS!  It’s a pain in the booty.  But, when the stain/paint dries, you can use Gorilla Glue Epoxy to glue the mirrors in place.  Just squeeze the glue components out and mix it together to form the glue (I like to use scrap wood to mix the glue on).

attach-trim-with-nailerThe final building step is to trim the edges of the entire piece.  This will cover up the plywood edge and the casing.  I used 1×2 pieces and mitered them at 45 degrees, just like the casing.  You will also measure and cut as you go for this part.  To attach them, I used wood glue and my Airstrike Nailer with 1″ brad nails.

stain-frameBecause my mirrors were glued already, I had to tape off the edges to stain.  If you don’t glue your mirrors you can just slap that finish right on and be as messy as you want with it 🙂

Varathane-Carrington-Wood-Stain-500x740I applied 1 coat of Varathane Carrington stain, with a foam brush, and wiped it after 5 minutes.

To hang it, I bought this French Cleat from Amazon.  I love using these to hang heavy pieces.  It’s very easy to get the piece level and its a secure hold!

DIY-Wall-MirrorThat was it!


Large-DIY-MirrorDIY-Distressed-Plank-WallLOVE it! I’ve got some ideas for the rest of the empty wall space up there but this is a great start!!!  I’ll be back soon to share what I do with this room next 😉

If you like my $110 Dining Table, you can download our FREE plans to build your own HERE! You can read about my curtains HERE, the centerpiece HERE, the flooring in this room HERE, the chandelier HERE and the paint color on my walls HERE!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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    1. I actually bought different
      Irritating for this because they were on sale at Hobby lobby that week but you could use the ones I used on the wooden mirror for sure! Just make sure to measure 🙂

  1. Love the mirror! Looks similar to one from pottery barn that I’ve had my eye on. A couple of questions: How much does it weigh? Did you put the cleat on before or after the mirrors? And did you attach the cleat right to the 1/2 inch plywood?